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Thread subject: Night viewing or Where's Betty?
Name Date Message
Melanie 06/09/05 11:10 pm I don't know if this should go in obs or here on the message board because it's half and half.

I tuned in tonight to listen for the high pitched sound - it is an extremely quiet night - I mean STRANGELY quiet. I am concerned because I am seeing no sign of Betty in the nest and I usually see her, at least enough to know she's there.

To get a better feed I went in to the office to look at it on the T1 (I know - I know - I have an Osprey problem - I have an osprey problem).................Happily, though, I live only a half mile away from the office.

Usually I can at least make out the contrast of Betty's chest or at least her head, but not tonight. By adjusting the contrast and darkness control I can see the white stripes on the chicks - I know it's them because they move from time to time. (It's a little like watching an ultrasound.) And I can clearly see the nest railing on the lower left hand corner of the screen. I've been watching for over a half hour and there is absolutely no sign of Betty in the nest. Something has bumped the mic several times - not a normal landing sound - just a single clunk as though something flew into it. I can hear an occasional rustle in the nest, but no momma bird. I hope that's her perching on the cam.

I'm going home now...... I have an osprey problem........ I have an osprey problem........ I have an osprey problem........
karen h 06/09/05 11:43 pm Another reference to how quiet it is. I thought the zoom-out would mean I could see at least some outline so tuned in tonight to check. Only wind sounds, no critters, nothing visible. Possible pop-up thunderstorms in the Delmarva region - are they also suspected at Long Island and are the critters all "tucked in"?
Marie 06/10/05 02:37 am Dn't worry . Betty is there. I see her faintly in the dark night. She stands at the top right of the screen at the side of the nest. Chicks are asleep in the middle. Some of the pop, thud sounds might indicate the little ones are dreaming. Who knows. ;-) A reassuring sound........Peacock.!
Celeste 06/10/05 05:17 am We are having "August", and muggy, and last night we had fog on the South Shore also....As I write this Betty is not in the nest, but from though I missed her flying out of the nest this am, she usually leaves the nest early am...She could be in a nearby tree. Now I "hear" her, so she is close!
Mickey 06/10/05 09:27 am you went into the office at 11:10pm just to see if Betty was in the nest?

mmmmmmmmm *wink*
Melanie 06/10/05 09:35 am Actually I went into the office at 10:37 and stayed until 11:10. Doctor, Doctor - make it stop!!!!!!! (not!)
Mickey 06/10/05 09:43 am we`re sorry Mel.What you have is inoperable and even worse its contagious!
Your Dr`s will be gathering in about a month and you must attend. At the gathering you will feel a sense of release and will only dive deeper into your addiction. :)
Cecilia 06/10/05 09:46 am I had the same experience at about 10:30...I went into my office to turn off my computer and decided to take one last peek at the nest and I was stunned at how quiet the area was. I even checked my sound to make sure I hadn't turned it down. There were no screeching toads, frogs or birds (or what ever that sound is), no grumbling geese, no trains, plains or boats, no sounds of traffic and almost no wind. It was eerie. I could see Betty's white breast so I knew that she was standing there. I almost posted but then I thought, "Well, so what, it's unusually quiet." :-) But maybe it was fog Celeste...just enough to muffle the normal night noises.

And Melanie...we may have to find you a local Osprey's Anonymous group :-)

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