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Thread subject: Does Betty do her own Fishing?
Name Date Message
Celeste 06/10/05 06:06 am Betty was out of the nest this morning for a long time....Each morning she leaves the nest, but this morning it was longer than usual. She finally arrived with a fish, fully intact and is now starting to eat it as I type this. In my experience I have never observed the female fishing for herself before.....? From what I have read, the male brings all the fish to the nest when there are chicks.....Hmmmm....

This Betty certainly has been "different" from other females we have observed. I am wondering if she "feels" safe enough in this nest and the chicks "grown" enough to satisfy her own hunger and fish for herself, rather than "wait" for the male. Or does this happen in other nests also.....
Tiger 06/10/05 06:21 am As we are finding more and more the osprey books are being rewritten. A bit like the astronomy books when space probes were sent to the moon and planets.

The female at Rutland went fishing last August.

Thursday 12 August: mum has taken up fishing

The adult female 05(00) has adopted a new role, helping to provide fish for the family. With the high level of intrusions at the nest site from other non-breeding males and with the very unseasonal weather, 03(97) seemed to be finding it quite hard to statisfy the food-begging calls of his family. Eventually, late last week, 05(00) took action by going fishing herself - for the first time since she arrived back at the nest four months ago. And she has continued doing so regularly simce then.
Overnight on Monday / Tuesday of this week 72mm (3 inches) of rain fell in 24 hours at nearby Cottesmore and Rutland was totally awash. The juveniles could be seen sitting dejectedly near the nest , as the rain continued unabated through the morning. In such conditions Ospreys often find it hard to catch fish, so volunteer Mike Sholl was very surprised when 05 took off towards the reservoir and even more surprised to see her back within 30 minutes with a large Roach.

Celeste 06/10/05 06:25 am As you said the books are being rewritten, because this nest certainly has had sufficient amounts of fish and yet Betty decided to get some meals rather than spend the morning chirping for one!
Tiger 06/10/05 06:45 am Yes you are right there.

And another example from the Lake District.

Saturday 7th May 2005 Our first question at 10.00 was has he fed her? The answer was 'no'. In that case, had she been fishing for herself? The answer came at around 11.00 when she was spied eating on a post in the Lake whilst Sir was sitting incubating. We do not like to see this behaviour as we know male ospreys are not so efficient at keeping the eggs at the required 37C. If the weather becomes cold or wet it is imperiative that the female sits and is not drawn away from the nest due to hunger. Happily, this must have been a blip in the system as at 16.00 No-ring caught a huge perch and after demolishing the head brought the juicy redtailed remains back to XS for tea.

Tiger 06/10/05 06:57 am I knew that there was another example:

From Rutland:

For example, on Saturday 30 April the female 05(00) left the nest site to go fishing for herself, returning after 30 minutes with a small roach. Meanwhile, unconcerned, the male 03(97), took over incubating the eggs. This was the first time we have ever recorded a female catching her own fish during incubation.

Then on the night of 1-2 May the male incubated all through the night with the female roosting in a nearby tree. Again, a first.

Celeste 06/10/05 07:43 am Which shows you observations from all over the world via technology are rewriting the books! It's exciting knowing that in very small ways we are contributing! Wonder if the "experts" are aware?
Tiger 06/10/05 08:01 am I do not think it is in a small way we are is in a BIG way.

Marie 06/10/05 09:15 am Thank you always keep us up to date.
Mickey 06/10/05 09:23 am so 22 days after the 1st hatching, she went fishing herself. How long was she gone C?
Celeste 06/10/05 12:31 pm I started the cam at 5am this morning, and Betty was not in the nest. There are a lot of mornings when I turn the cam on before 5 and she is in the nest, and recently she has been standing at the edge rather than lying on the chicks....probably because of our warm weather. Most mornings I witness her leaving the nest for a few minutes at a time, and she either returns with a stick or nothing at all. However, this morning it was about 6am when Tiger, and myself noticed that she came back with a fish.
Cecilia 06/10/05 03:59 pm I think this Betty is a liberated Osprey :-)
Celeste 06/10/05 04:36 pm Yes, the "I am woman I am strong" liberated osprey:-)))
Kathy 06/10/05 05:21 pm Why depend on the male if I can do it myself. :-)
Mickey 06/10/05 06:56 pm I see the usual suspects are pounding the liberated female drums *wink*

so she was gone a hour or more. Pretty cool that she went and got her own fish with the chicks this young. I dont recall seeing the Adult female do it this early the past 2 years.
Tiger 06/10/05 08:16 pm Is this where we quote:

"A female without a male is like a fish without a bicycle"


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