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Thread subject: Daily Speculation & Opinions
Name Date Message
Mickey 06/10/05 10:44 am So Ive wanted to post this on the obs but didnt because.........well.....because.

So what sex do you think C1 and C2 are and why?
And which will fledge first?

I think C1 is a female. It eats everything in sight.Like CZ :p
I think C2 is male. Hes smarter. hes a gentleman. He lets his sister eat first. He will certainly fledge first because he will be lighter and will want it more!

I dont feel like searching the obs from last year so were we ever able to sex the birds from previous years?
Celeste 06/10/05 12:36 pm I am inclined to agree.....even though we are probably speculating! Which by the way, are we calling these chicks C1 and C2 or names? Or are we just letting it go this year? I know Tim you are rolling your eyes, but you have to admit CZ was a great name for that chick! Besides I think the ratings on my "show" would be higher if there were names!

I think last year it was easier to sex the birds, because of how big CZ was compared to the other two!
Cecilia 06/10/05 01:56 pm I've been thinking that C1 (in my mind this one is Piglet :-) is a male and C2 (Big Foot :-) is a female. Because? Because of the way they have interacted from the beginning. C1 has always been more aggressive if the situation called for it. Of course that could be just the fact that C1 is older but in previous nests we've seen that that doesn't always determine the pecking order. And last year CZ always seemed bigger so we decided that she was female but I think we made that decision when she was older. Poole says that "when chicks are 20 to 35 days old, females, which are heavier than males as adults, add weight faster than males do. Thus, body weight is a reliable criterion for sexing nestlings older than 30 to 35 days." But since C1 has 2 (or 3?) extra days of eating she/he would most likely be bigger now anyway. So...I'm just guessing :-)
Melanie 06/10/05 02:38 pm At this point the chicks are 23 & 21 days old respectively which means after one more week we should be able to start speculating more accurately.
Mickey 06/10/05 06:50 pm Id like to give them names. Sorry Tim. Can we do it by this time next Friday?
Marie 06/10/05 09:33 pm I think two weeks from now we will see more behaviours and feathering that might give us more of an indication which chick might be male or female. Remembering too, that even when birds are being banded in the fall it is extremely difficult to sex most of them. I have seen this year one male ospreys that didn't have a pure white breast when he arrived back from his winter vacation. Perhaps a few flecks indicate how young this bird is and also I wonder if the more white the breast is whether this indicates the maturity of the male osprey? Any one know.
As for our two birds......I always feel that the first born is a female in the raptors...not sure why other than what has been suggested in books on eagle eggs and hatchlings. The hypothosis is that many first eggs laid contain female chicks, so I think my hunches for first hatchlings in the osprey nest may well be female too. Something to do with ensuring the continuation of the species. BUT we all know we need the males too!
Celeste 06/11/05 05:05 am I have read in various articles, that though the necklace is a strong and usual indicator of a female osprey that it is not "always" the case.
Tiger 06/11/05 06:41 am Celeste I have been thinking that too. I have seen the odd male with a necklace. Will look out for an example.
Cecilia 06/11/05 10:04 am I think I've read that some male ospreys from different parts of the world have more or less of a "smattering" of a necklace
RonS 06/11/05 11:54 am I can't help but ask if the necklaced males fly with a more distinct break in their wing wrist? WEG
Marie 06/11/05 12:11 pm Naughty naughty RON.......They are better nest mates......Ha ha
RonS 06/11/05 02:04 pm Maybe THATS where all the pretty colored items come from;-))

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