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Thread subject: Gathering at the PULESTONS July 9th 1-3PM
Name Date Message
Celeste 06/12/05 05:21 am July is just around the corner and we would like to have a more current idea of who plans to attend. Those of you who will be there, please add your name to this thread.
If any of you who are attending need information on how to get to the Pulestons, please e-mail Dave at Last year we brought some snacks and beverages so we thought we would do the same this year....Since it is wonderful that we are invited again to use the premises, we should try to keep what we bring "low key" so that we can easily leave the grounds the way we found them, neat and
clean:-) Last year we brought cheese, crackers, fruit, soft drinks and wine. Betty Puleston, by the way, has strict rules on what she is able to eat so Dave has asked us not to bring desserts.
Cec and I are keeping our fingers crossed that David Gessner might come.....and there may be another surprise guest. We'll tell you more as times goes on.

In any event, hopefully, Long Island's weather will cooperate, the mosquitoes will take a break that day, and we can "live on osprey time" together!

All of you who are not able to come, we will be sure to be thinking of ALL of you and we will take lots of photos!
Marie 06/12/05 09:36 am Oh I wish I could be there Celeste..........just not possible to get away.
Mickey 06/12/05 09:56 am Count me in. Oh and Im the special guest lol

I`ll bring a fruit salad.
Cecilia 06/12/05 12:11 pm I'll bring some cut up vegies and a good dip! Besides food and beverage items we'll also need:

Plastic table cloths (2 or 3)
Plastic cups
Paper plates
Plastic serving and eating ware
Bottle & wine openers
Serving plates
Plastic wrap
Bug Spray
Melanie 06/12/05 02:26 pm I'm in. By hook or by crook.
Celeste 06/12/05 02:30 pm Good thinking Cec...I'll do cups, plates, napkins, forks, knives and GARBAGE BAGS....
karen 06/13/05 09:07 am Hi yes I am coming ... I can bring wine ( red and white ) and I can bring ice unless someone closer offers ( I am about 45 min away ) and anything else you need please let me know after you get the group organized. Thanks for charing to both of you! my email is Looking forward to seeing everyone!
Nancy L 06/13/05 10:42 am I'll be there! I'll bring my pineapple/jello "dish". Any rules on the plastic/paper goods? I know Betty is big on recycling.
Cecilia 06/13/05 03:02 pm Nancy we'll just take everything back with us...paper, plastic etc. I'm far away to bring ice nd I'm stopping to pick up Celeste and Melanie so Karen I think you might be the best for that. I'll bring the plastic table cloths and some large plastic serving trays for misc stuff. And bottle and wine openers...I'll bring them too!

At some point we will need to move this entire thread to the next page when this page fills up. I think I can copy and paste all this info at that time so we can keep it available for all the people who we haven't heard from yet.

I saw from Melanie's list that there are 24 people who live there must be a bunch of you who either don't post often or are nervous about coming to meet a a lot of people that you don't know....Please don't be!!! Everyone was so nice last year and it was like we'd all known each other forever :-) Karen wasn't even a poster at that point and she came and we all got such a kick out of meeting her and how brave she was! So come on...come out of the wood work and come to the nest event. The property is so's like stepping back in time. The barn is beautiful and the ponds and pens and lawns are what Long Island looked like 150 years ago. And seeing the nest up close is so fun. And this year, because we're doing this so much earlier, the chicks and parents will still be there. We'll be able to see Dennis & Betty flying in and out of the nest and by then the chicks will have fledged and should be coming back to the nest for food. So bring your binoculars or spotting scopes and come join us!
Celeste 06/13/05 03:46 pm Yes if you are there please join us. ALL of us have met because of this site.....none of us knew anyone prior to participating, and it was like attending a high school reunion....catching up with friends you hadn't seen for years, just wasn't sure what we would all look like after so many years!

karen 06/13/05 04:20 pm Starting a new thread would be good ... I almost missed it today ... and to all those shy lurkers out there do come and join us ... it is a very special chance to see the nest and to bond with the other osprey addicts!
karen 06/13/05 04:21 pm and yes Cec I will bring the ice ...

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