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Thread subject: A theory, or maybe just a question
Name Date Message
Shelley 06/12/05 03:39 pm As I just posted on the obs board, I noticed that Betty had been standing beside something that looked very much like an egg. Not sitting on it, just standing. In fact, she wasn't even looking at it at all that I can see.

Could it really be an egg? Could it have been *dropped off* by some other bird? Would another bird even be carrying such a thing in its beak and drop it into this nest? Could that be why the fly-by pest of today is hanging around so much? Even now, as Betty feeds a chick, she is stopping to scream at something, clearly extremely agitated. Dennis just flew off but he had been standing there, pretty much doing nothing, while Betty fed, squawked, fed, screamed, etc, etc.

Chick ar the 7 o'clock position did not get up to eat and the other one only had a nibble and seems satisfied. Betty continues to eat but is still looking around....

The plot thickens.....
Tiger 06/12/05 04:02 pm I see what you mean.

Something like this happened at Loch Garten last year. There was an intruding osprey and after a confrontation a broken egg was removed from the nest.

It was suggested that the intruding osprey might have laid the egg.

However the case was not proven.

Mickey 06/12/05 05:24 pm I`ll try and do this gently with help from my trouble making friend Kathy :)

Could it really be an egg?
I see what your seeing and the white object isint new. Its been there 3-5 days maybe more.

Could it have been *dropped off* by some other bird?
Anythings possible eh? With the amount of people watcvhing this nest these Ospreys dont poop without one of us seeing it. :)

Would another bird even be carrying such a thing in its beak and drop it into this nest?
I was told I cant answer this the way I wanted to. So let me just say no. :)

Could that be why the fly-by pest of today is hanging around so much?
This is my favorite question. My theory is its hanging around today because it might have chicks nearby or heck even in the "condo" below and is feeling very parental :) Or maybe it was feeling its oats today and wanted to see just how big and bad the mighty Osprey could be :)

Please accept my humorous retorts with the intention they are delivered.With tongue in cheek.
Tiger 06/12/05 05:33 pm It seems to be gone now!
Kathy 06/12/05 05:49 pm Trouble maker! The nerve. :-)
Matt 06/12/05 06:31 pm I dunno Mickey. It is a male RWB, maybe it has a "thing" for Betty.
Mickey 06/12/05 06:40 pm You did the same thing last year Matt. We`re all wise to your "egg games". ;) ;)
Matt 06/12/05 06:43 pm Dang you caught me. :)
karen 06/13/05 09:12 am The RWBB in Westhamton are very aggessive towards any birds that are near their nests. It is possible that this nest was built after the ospreys already had the territory but now that the RWBB prob has eggs or even young it is now more aggresive. I have seen them chase out grackles. crows and even the great egrets. The RWBB band together several birds to chase the egret until it leaves the area completely.
CathyMeyer 06/13/05 08:42 pm Mysterious UFO (Un Feathered Object) has reappeared. Have been curious as to what this is as they seem to cover it with some kind of material in the nest. Either keeping it warm or covering up a smell?

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