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Thread subject: Question for Dave S
Name Date Message
RonS 06/13/05 12:44 pm Please see the OBS at 11:40 concerning the time of a "prior" post. If an observer adjusts the time to their local time instead of Eastern Daylight Time, will that ultimately place it in the wrong sequence?
Pam 06/13/05 12:49 pm I just noticed that too Ron because Zara posted about the same time as me .....
Tiger 06/13/05 02:02 pm Well I am not Dave, Ron but I know the answer as it happened last year.

If I was to post now with a time of 7.01pm then that post would keep getting shoved forward until 7.01 EST arrived.

Zara 06/13/05 04:25 pm Oh dear! Please tell me what time to put in. Must admit I didn't think... just looked at the clock.Will gladly take advice as I don't want to mess things up for everyone. I don't normally post on the observatiion board, I tend to leave that to the experts, however the RWBB was so persistent I thought it deserved a mention. Oops
:( (blonde moment)
Cecilia 06/13/05 04:42 pm Zara...don't worry about it! Many of us have had "time" problems! It doesn't really matter and eventually it will end up on a buried page :-) We've also accidentally typed Betty or Dennis in the block where our names are supposed to go and we've even typed in someone else's name instead of our own (I won't mention any names here :-) Sometimes we even forget to put in a name at all.
So...more importantly...please join everyone on the Obs board! Every eye watching and reporting is helpful...especially people from other time zones who can watch the nest while those of us who live close aren't even awake. Welcome and jump in!
Celeste 06/13/05 05:08 pm Yes Zara please join in....None of us are experts....we learn from each other!
Pam 06/13/05 05:25 pm You don't need to type a time in Zara - the message will automatically put in the time as you post it to the board. Welcome !
Tiger 06/13/05 06:04 pm However if one wants to put a "sticky" message at the top of the board then one could date it about six months ahead :)

Sort of like "Observation Board is for observations only"

:) :)
Zara 06/13/05 06:24 pm Tiger, One will try to behave one's self in the future!! Grrrr. :) What is a 'sticky '... message, Der ?
Tiger 06/13/05 06:36 pm A sticky message is one that will stay at the top of the board.

Nice to see you becoming a regular here.

Not sure if you been reading the BBC Springwatch board but the new webcam there is really making waves.

DaveS 06/13/05 07:59 pm The time that is shown when you click on Make an Observation is the current time on the computer that receives the signal from the camera and is in local (US Eastern Time Zone) time. Tom has been trying to keep the computer clock at the correct local time, so all observations should be made with the time displayed, unless there has been a significant lapse from the time the observation actually occurred to the time the obs was recorded. My guess is that 99.999% of the time, people are starting their post at the time it actually occurred, so the local post time (at the camera) should be fine by default.

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