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Thread subject: A new chick
Name Date Message
Pam 06/13/05 04:21 pm One of the eggs has hatched on the Alaska loon website. A cute little grey ball of fluff under its mother's wing.
Marie 06/13/05 04:48 pm I see it, I see cute...
What a difference in setting between this Pacific loon's nest site and the Common loon in Maine. The noise pollution in Alaska loon can is terrible in comparison to that of the peaceful setting of the common loon.
Pam 06/13/05 05:22 pm The aircraft noise is really awful Marie. However, if I am watching the Maine loon and our ospreys as well then I don't like watching in silence. You know, I think that chick was around last night, I'm sure I got a brief glimpse of it as I switched on and the loon just settled down again presumably over the chick and I just had to go to bed so I didn't get any captures.
Tiger 06/13/05 07:09 pm Yes it is quite lovely isn't it? It looks ready to move already.
Marie 06/13/05 11:33 pm The little Loon chick is written up in the bird books as a PRECOCIAL chick. This means it can get around by itself, however loon chicks like to ride on their parents backs for two to three weeks as well as paddle in the water. They are able to waddle around soon after hatching. They are covered with a thick grey down and have short stubby bills. I have been watching the little chick for the past 30 mins and it really is getting around. Way out beyond the females reach. Then it waddled back to Mom and pushed and shoved to get beneath her wing. Loons have feet that are positioned well back on their bodies which make them very awkward on land. Definitely more at home on water than on land. the young are tended by both parents, who feed them for 4-5 weeks. Perhaps these baby loons are semi precocial since they are dependent on parents for food for so long. Hardly like some shorebirds that leave the nest almost as soon as they hatch and find food for themselves. Those chicks, that become independent so quickly would certainly be labelled Precocial.
Pam 06/14/05 09:19 am The remaining egg was alone on the nest this a.m. Mother soon came sploshing along however and is now sitting on the egg. No sign of the chick, which presumably is off in the water somewhere for the time being. Last night I watched as it tried to climb along its mother's back, finally falling off the side and, too tired to move, was content to sit by its mother's head.
Marie 06/14/05 08:31 pm It sits right by its mother's head this evening. Such a cute pic.
Cecilia 06/14/05 10:20 pm I finally found the Bookmark I have for this cam and I'm watching it now at 10:15. I can't get over the sounds like some kind if African jungle. Exotic birds and strange humming sounds. I didn't see the chick but the female is very pretty. There is something strange about a shadow...of a straight looking bar (or something) that seems to move back and forth in a very unnatural way. Do you know what or why that is?
Tiger 06/15/05 05:18 am The nest is on a floating tent island. So what you are seeing is a shadow which is moving as the island moves in the water.

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