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Thread subject: Anyone Disappointed That Dennis...
Name Date Message
Tiger 06/13/05 06:08 pm Is anyone disapointed that Dennis has resorted to catching goldfish?

He was doing so well up to recently.
Celeste 06/13/05 06:15 pm I thought about it today when I read it....perhaps in this warm weather we are having, it was an "easy catch", less energy wasted, etc...Maybe he saw other osprey doing it also, as I have read that ospreys will follow the lead of another osprey who catches fish. We learned last September that the neighbor who lives near the Pulestons does get several osprey each year "fishing"!
Marie 06/13/05 06:37 pm Gold fish probably taste different. Therefore something new in the diet would be most welcome. He out did himself the other day with nine fish..........I think he needs a rest. ;-)
He has proven himself to be one awesome osprey so he needs to just take it easy for a while. These chicks are stuffed to the gills most days so no need to be concerned about enough food to go around.
Tiger 06/13/05 06:39 pm I have heard that goldfish taste awful.....not that this is based on personal experience! :)

I know that these chicks are overfed if anything. But in the lake district Noring delivered four fish by breakfast time last week.

Matt 06/13/05 06:55 pm Its not a bad thing to go after goldfish. Its most likely the easiest target at this moment. A lot of wild animals do that.
Cecilia 06/13/05 07:48 pm I'm not disappointed at all...I figure what ever's out there is game and I'm glad he discovered the mother lode :-) It may be that fishing wasn't good these last few days because it's been so hot...that his normal prey has been staying in the deeper waters to keep cool. So...what's a good dad to do?...look further afield and Voila! "Look at those interesting orange fish!!! I think I'll take a few of them home ot the kids!" :-)
Mickey 06/13/05 08:15 pm lol Cec !!
RonS 06/13/05 08:34 pm In response to Mickey's message about the Koi pond owner (#4495), here is what Celeste posted last year:
I received an e-mail from David Gessner and I thought you would like to know about those Koi fish that Dennis and his family were so fond of this summer. It is "copied" as follows:

Yesterday I solved at least one of
your mysteries. It turned out that a friend of mine Kate (mother of Kira) lives just a couple of streets over from the Pulestons. I visited her on
the way out and discovered that she raises Koy(sp?) and goldfish in her
small pond and then releases them in a larger pond about 100 yards from the
Pulestons. She has watched ospreys fish in the larger pond and then fly off with their gold-orange meal. DG

Isn't that woman wonderful? Keeping our osprey family fed?
Celeste 06/13/05 09:06 pm Thanks Ron....I had forgotten I had posted that letter.
Melanie 06/14/05 10:59 am I'm not disappointed at all. The woman who stocks the koi pond gets to see an osprey fish - something that I look for everyday on my evening walks - I see them circling overhead but have never seen a fishing attempt.

I friend who has a small pond in her back yard and from time to time a Great Blue Heron will appear in her back yard for a quick snack.
Anne 06/14/05 11:49 am I have a pond here in England and I keep goldfish and golden orfe. I know from experience that if a grey heron finds my pond, I am certain to lose all my fish to the heron within the period of a month. In the summer, goldfish love to bask near the surface, so they are very easy to catch.
If it has been warm in LI and the river and estuary fish have been swimming low, it makes sense for Dennis to turn his attention to pond fish.
Tiger 06/14/05 05:59 pm I worry about those goldfish who are owned by people who might take exception to them being caught by an osprey or any other bird.
Anne 06/15/05 09:01 am So do I. I know one neighbour who has illegally tried to shoot a heron visiting his pond.

We accept that certain birds take fish so we dont stock our pond with expensive koi. If we lose our goldfish it doesnt cost much to replace them and we have the bonus of seeing a wild bird right outside our window. Mind you, I had to stop naming our fish - it was upsetting to see Tigger and Cutie being swallowed by a heron!
Cecilia 06/15/05 09:17 am Same here :-) I had three fish for 4 years...named and tame as could be...then one morning a heron (I assume...the egrets around here are too shy to land in a back yard) landed and took them all. I knew it wasn't the raccons because they always leave a mess and the tails. Now I just grow pond plants.

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