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Thread subject: Chick names
Name Date Message
Pam 06/14/05 05:12 pm I can understand why we find it difficult to name these two. Compared with last year's chicks they seem lacking in individuality. They are so well behaved, contented and similar in size. Not like, CZ and her siblings. My belief is that they are both female.
Pam 06/14/05 05:13 pm I think you are all out lazing in your deckchairs !
Melanie 06/14/05 05:30 pm Not me - I'm safe in the comfort of my AC. Even the cat doesn't want to stay out!
Cecilia 06/14/05 06:02 pm I'm with Melanie...staying in with the AC but working :-(
However..I do have two new name suggestions based on your comments Pam :-)

How about Peace and Tranquility? (Tranny for short)

I can hear Tim gagging all the way from Suffolk county :-)
Mickey 06/14/05 06:08 pm I totally agree with you. Aside from feeding time they are just so identicle. And at feeding time both chicks know their places. Its been another very good year in this nest. We are indeed very spoiled observers.
If we are going to name them my suggestion is Brook and Haven.
regarding the C1 and C2 names my suggestion is to start with A1 A2.....Then next year let it be letter B etc etc.
Marie 06/14/05 08:14 pm I think Brook and Haven are good choices. Significant for this website........ last year Cecilia we had used the name Peace. Wasn't it for #2 chick, possibly the second female in the nest Weren't our chicks called CZ for the BIG GIRL and Spirit for our very special third chick who survived all the hastles in the nest...;-))
Nancy L 06/14/05 08:43 pm I'll go along with Brook & Haven.
Cecilia 06/14/05 10:10 pm Oh..I'm badddd... I remembered Spirit and CZ (Chickzilla) but forgot poor Peace :-( Okay...then Brook and Haven sounds fine to me. I know numbering them would be more scientific but many of the Osprey watching organizations around the word name their chicks and we always have. Plus these are not banded and tracked ospreys, hence there is less reason to just number them. But I have a thought...let's ask the our fearless leaders! Dear have never expresed an opinion or recommendation on names or numbers. Do you care? Would you rather that we develop a system of letters or numbers that can be added onto every year or are you comfortable with our annual naming of the chicks?
Lori 06/14/05 10:42 pm I like Brook & Haven
Celeste 06/15/05 05:14 am Me too....Brook & Haven.....
Pam 06/15/05 08:32 am LOL - I went along with Mickey's Brook and Haven right from the start .... BUT ..... how are we going to tell Brook from Haven ???? Stay Cool !
Tim P 06/15/05 09:47 am Since this is the third season the letter C would be appropriate if you were going to develop a numerical /alphabetical code.
Example C1-05, C2-05
The birds of the following years would follow as
(D06) = 2006 & E07 = 2007 and so on.
I understand it may be too generic for some here but these are not your pets.
Brook & Haven would be cute names for a pair of Gerbil’s.
Mickey 06/15/05 10:01 am Gerbils? LOL

Lets just name #2 Tim :)))))

I dont care myself who is Brook or Haven.
Would we agree #1 has a full white tail and #2 and a lil notch in the center of its tail and not so "fully white"?
Melanie 06/15/05 10:33 am Brook & Haven works for me, too, and in the tail order.

No, they are not pets - we do not care for them in the sense sharing hearth and home, but we are on very intimate terms with the nest. Referring to them as C1 & C2-05 is just too didspassionate. Were they banded, then perhaps. But we are simply emotionally invested in this nest. We watch with great anticipation for them to return each spring, we delight in the hatchings as though we were proud grandparents, we are saddened with the loss of a chick, fledging is a moment of celebration and we feel a sense of loss when they leave on their migration. God only knows how we would react were a predator to destroy the brood. If we were involved in watching multiple nests to the extent that we focus on this one, then perhaps we would be more "scientific". But with this nest, it is personal.
Nancy L 06/15/05 10:51 am So....Brook would be chick # 1 & Haven, # 2. I'll watch for the tail distinctions. I'm sure we'll find a way to know the difference as time goes by.
Kathy 06/15/05 11:48 am Brook and Haven ok with me, although I still can't tell them apart.
Mickey 06/15/05 12:06 pm no one wants to name one chick Tim ????

Cecilia 06/15/05 01:35 pm I do but I'm afraid it might be bad karma:-)
karen 06/15/05 03:38 pm A late entry into this but I too like Brook and Haven both genderless and very specific for the location and very appropriate! And maybe someday we will be able to tell them apart...
Celeste 06/15/05 05:22 pm I have been in traffic all day and finally getting around to checking on things----this thread is making me laugh out loud....and once again my husband thinks I've "lost" it! Sorry Tim....I also agree that for all kinds of reasons....meeting new friends on this site, doing it for 3 years now....we are "emotionally involved" Melanie states....soooooo, Brook for Chick 1 and Haven for Chick 2.....Gotta check that white tail thing tomorrow am....:)) Besides Tim, think of the ratings for the "morning show" if there are names!
Cecilia 06/15/05 06:01 pm There is a definite difference in the length of the white feather tips on their right now it's really easy if you can see them from the back...Brook's tips are longer!
Tim P 06/15/05 07:30 pm Ah yes I can see it now.

The Promo: Announcer talks over a montage of film which begins with eggs and continues to show the development of the chicks to their present stage.

The voice over: “In my best Don Pardo voice.”

Today on The Morning Show , Join hosts Celeste & Marie as they announce the winners of the Name The Chicks Contest. We have received Billions & Billions (Carl Sagan reference) of post cards, letters, e-mails and faxed suggestions for the naming of the chicks.

Our staff has narrowed the selection down to 20 entries. We have flown all of the contest finalists to the nest location where Tomorrow, Marie & Celeste will select the names for the osprey chicks from your suggestions.

The winner of the name the chicks contest will receive a year of free internet services provided by Brookhaven National Laboratory. The winner and their family will also receive a fun filled weekend at The Beautiful Mount Airy lodge in the somewhat forgotten Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. There you will enjoy all the amenities of our luxury state of the art log cabin. A very spectacular 9 hole golf course & Swimming in the Olympic size pond.

You will also be treated to Vegas style performances by such stars as Debbie Gibson & Simpson ,( formally of Ashford & Simpson) Don’t forget the comedic mad caped hi jinks of everyone’s favorite red-head, Carrot Top. So remember to tune in tomorrow and join Celeste & Marie in the am.

Guest of the Celeste & Marie show were flown in by USA Air ( Unfortunately Still Allegheny)

Hotel accommodations provided by The Puleston Barn, where the Hay is always soft.

Celeste 06/15/05 07:46 pm Once again I am hysterical laughing...and I have a great will be our guest star on July 9th!!!!!!! You can be the "new" Letterman of the "Featherheads"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shelley 06/15/05 07:55 pm Debbie Gibson? Oh Tim, I am shocked! Why not *The Byrds* (a retro blast from the past, for all the Baby Boomers), The Eagles, The Yardbirds, or perhaps, Jennifer Warnes, singing the Leonard Cohen hit *Bird on The Wire* ?

What about *Woodstock* (he is Snoopy's famous bird sidekick...).....

Now look what you've done...! I may have to start a new thread....;-)
Mickey 06/15/05 09:05 pm thats classic Tim !!

next year YOUR CHICK #1 !


So my ob between the tails is accurate? Are there any other differences you see to the eye? Cause that tail ob wont last long the way these pups are growing !
Kathy 06/15/05 09:36 pm WTG Tim!

And, next year you're one of our chicks.
Cecilia 06/15/05 10:19 pm Oh have mised your calling...I'm not sure what it is exactly... but making people laugh must mean you should have been some kind of comedian! I especially loved the Carl Sagan reference :-) And the USAir comment is a classic :-)
Cecilia 06/15/05 10:20 pm more thing...if we have a funny chick next year I promise you we are going to name it Tim :-)
Marie 06/16/05 02:06 am cracked me up. I am so flattered. Indeed a chick named TIM would be great but we will have to make sure it is a male osprey, which means a name much later on in their development.
Thank you for your vote of confidence once again. So nice to imagine working with you both Celeste and Tim... ;-)
Pam 06/16/05 07:10 am If there ever is a show about OUR nest - we now know who should be interviewed. I miss Carl Sagan and his Corsmorss (Best NY accent).
Tim P 06/16/05 09:58 am Thanx for letting me have some fun all.
Just wanted to let some here know that I don’t come from the planet Vulcan and I do have feelings. I have a few pets and they all have names. Check em out.
2 pygmy goats: Yin & Yang
3 Alpine goats: Wyatt, Wilma & Rocky
3 Sheep: Barbara, Rosalyn, Hillary
1 Sow: Gracie
1 Vietnamese Potbelly Pig: Stella
1 Cow: Cassidy
Iguana: Juana
Parakeet: Glenn
Cat: Martin
Guinea Pig: Alvin
2 Turkeys: Edgar & Johnny
Rooster: Thor
Rabbits: Layla,Spock, Mr. Coffee, Midnight, & Groucho
Some tropical fish and a few Tarantulas that come and go.
Kathy 06/16/05 10:12 am You certainly have feelings, any one with that many animals is a very special person. You have a menagerie with very interesting names.
But tarantulas, just the thought of a spider gives me the "willies".
Barbara 06/16/05 12:40 pm I think Brook and Haven are perfect and especially apropos, since we aleady have Apple, Coco, Phinneas, etc.
Cecilia 06/16/05 01:44 pm Who are Apple, Coco and Phinneas?
Kathy 06/16/05 02:27 pm Nothing to do with Ospreys but, I think I know, Apple is Gweynth (sp) Paltrow's daughter, Phinneas is Julie Robert's son and Coco I think is Courtney Cox's daughters name.
How did I do Barbara?

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