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Thread subject: DDT in California
Name Date Message
terryo 01/29/07 07:00 am Here's an interesting story on lingering effects of DDT, in this case off the coast of LA County.

fish story
Trishrg 01/29/07 08:41 am This was all over the local news this weekend. And why I go all the way to San Diego to do my ocean fishing in kelp beds there. Much cleaner water.

This is why the bald eagles off the local coastal area islands are suffering the same fate as osprey, laying thin shelled eggs. The IWS program takes the eggs from the nests they monitor, and replace them with dummy eggs while they incubate the delicate real eggs, then foster the chicks back into the nest about 2 weeks after hatching. They have a 50% success rate, which is really good.
I just wish there was some way the DDT could be cleaned up.
Nancy L 01/29/07 09:38 am Thanks for the article. I didn't realize this was still a problem.
terryo 01/29/07 12:14 pm Thanks Trish for the local perspective to this ongoing problem in parts of CA. I wonder how they get the eggs out of the nest. Doesn't the female try to attack any egg snachers? I would assume she'd be sitting on the eggs. 50% success rate is fantastic.
Trishrg 01/29/07 01:39 pm Go to
Go to Species then bald eagle.
It has all the info on their bald eagle program, and I may have been jumping the gun on the 50% hatch rate. That is for the Two Harbors nest.
It tells all about how they fly into some locations by helicopter etc. They've been doing this a while.
There is an eagle at the Santa Cruz island nest right now.
terryo 01/29/07 04:09 pm Tks for info Trish, I've been on this site daily for about 3 weeks now, just to check out the 3 cams. Guess it would help if I read a little more :) Tks again
Melanie 01/30/07 09:55 am Fabulous company, that one. I'm pretty sure they are out of business. When DDT was banned, they simply dumped tons of their excess DDT into the storm drains and it ended up putting down a heavy layer in the seabed. I think that's been designated a superfund site. DDT stays in the ground for years, and in that concentration is likely to be having effects well beyond our lifetime. Too bad there is no Erin Brokovich to take that one on.

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