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Thread subject: (P)Lucky Duck
Name Date Message
Melanie 02/01/07 11:29 am Story this week about a hunter who shot a duck and brought it home and put what he thought was a dead duck in the fridge. The next day the wife opens the fridge door and finds the duck is alive. She takes the duck to the vets, where the duck had yet another close call.
Pam 02/01/07 11:55 am That is amazing. Makes you think, there is a man shooting the poor bird (several times) and then there are those people doing so much to save its life. I don't suppose for a minute the hunter will think about this survivor when he goes out with his gun once more. In fact I'm surprised that someone in the hunter's house actually saved it after it was found alive in the fridge. Thanks for the link Mel.
Mickey 02/01/07 11:59 am You know Im not sure on what level I should doubt any of this.

Are we to believe that a alive duck doesnt make noises in the fridge for 2 days?

Are we to believe that these folks dont go in their fridge for 2 days? (I live alone and Im in mine at least 15 times a day)

And shouldnt the duck have been de feathered and cut up before going into the fridge where it sat for 2 days?

(ok yes I have to much time on my hands)
terryo 02/01/07 12:13 pm I saw the interview with the hubby & wife. The hubby said he was glad the duck lived (yeah right). The duck was put in a spare ice box that he uses to store his killed trophies and his wife went into it to prepare the duck for an evening meal. Just your typical All-American NRA couple. Bon Apetit.
Melanie 02/01/07 12:17 pm I agree with you on one point - I always thought that you should at least gut whatever you kill before you do anything else. But then again, maybe this guys is a real novice hunter and was out hunting with his friends, Bud and Wieser. (translation: the kind of hunter that makes a farmer paint C-O-W on the side of his dairy herd)

I had no problem with the fridge aspect - my sister has a 2nd fridge in the garage plus a freezer as well as fridge in the kitchen (BIG appetites and two teenagers).
Tim P 02/01/07 07:23 pm I woke up in a washing machine once.
Melanie 02/02/07 09:22 am Now THAT sounds like there's a story there. Was it in the 60's? ;-p
Kathy 02/02/07 10:02 am That's a story I'd like to hear!
Mickey 02/02/07 02:33 pm Sounds like purple microdots were involved :)
Tim P 02/02/07 02:42 pm Not the 60's melanie. It was 1976. The country was turning 200 years old. I was a senior in high school and the parties were plentyfull. A few of my good friends took advantage of me while I was blasted from drinking a bottle of Tanqueray.From that experience I gave up drinking Gin. It's an occasional beer now a days and never while i'm doing laundry.

Melanie 02/02/07 04:50 pm It's never a good idea to drink while operating heavy machinery ;-p Worst hangover of my life was from drinking Tanqueray so I can totally sympathize. I was afraid I WASN'T going to die. Haven't touched that stuff since.
lynn 02/03/07 01:42 am Have to say 1976 was a very good year, but I followed my dads advice (he was an entertainer at night), and drank scotch and water.

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