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Thread subject: A Few Front Yard Squirrel Pix
Name Date Message
terryo 02/03/07 01:06 pm Took a few squirrel pix about 30 minutes ago. If you hate squirrels don't look

lynn 02/04/07 12:21 am terryo I love squirrels so I got a great kick out of your photos. I especially love 0008 & 0013. I've never gotten that close or as good a shot as those two.
BTW I finally got to see the movie Fly Boys, and it was pretty neat. Kind of like a documentary with a human story. It was one of the first movies I've ever seen re WW1. Gives you some insight into what our first aviators and early aviation and planes were like. Of course I might be a bit biased in liking the film, as I love to fly in any type of plane! :-)
Tim P 02/06/07 11:39 pm Squirrels are great ....For Red Tails and other Raptors.
Nice shots Terryo.
terryo 02/07/07 12:02 pm Tim, I love it when the squirrels get in my attack and play tag at day. Fortunately my squirrels can't read yet and your brutal words will never cross their eyes :)
lynn 02/07/07 05:01 pm Hey TimP, squirrels gotta live too. :-) Like you said Terryo, glad your squirrels can't read, so they can't know about the words re the raptors. We have so many squirrels, that we've taken to naming them as we watch them grow from babies to adults. We've got Patches (must have been in a fight and lost most the fur from the top of his head), Gimpy, who hobbles with one hurt front leg, and Momma, who just had her latest brood of four babies in early fall. They even hang out in our large bird houses in cold weather.
We collect acorns in the fall and put them out for the squirrels when the snow comes.
terryo 02/07/07 06:48 pm Lynn, if there is an after-life you'll go to squirrel heaven :). Me, I fear I'm heading south, way south. Tim, I know you're a closet squirrel-lover, can you feel the love man? Seriously, when I was young living in the woods inSeneca, Missouri I used to hunt squirrels, rabbit bobcat. don't let anyone tell you that squirrel stew is great cause squirrel meat is rather pungent. I only hunted what I would eat but like I said I only hunt with a camera today.

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