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Thread subject: My favorite Bears!
Name Date Message
lynn 02/20/07 03:40 pm While watching Mei and Lun Lun, I just saw the most delightful thing. I've noticed Mei try to do what I thought might be a somersalt, by putting her head down and tumble, and I wondered why this behavior.
What I just saw answers my curiosity re Meis' tumbling. Lun Lun was next to a wall and near Mei, and she proceeded to to do a complete headstand! Her back legs way up in the air, then tumbled back down. Perhaps all Meis' recent actions were to try to immitate her mom. At any rate a pretty great scene, what with all the playing mom and cub have been doing!
cathleen 02/20/07 04:03 pm I've read that it is a natural impulse for young cubs to begin to do headstands or tuck their heads down and put weight on, and pandas like to do this into their adult years.
Marie 02/20/07 04:17 pm She is growing up fast now. I watched her playing with her toes a little while ago. And that big boy Tai Shan, at the National Zoo, was in the snow this am with his mother. They were playing together. Still a sweet scene to watch.
FOB Webmaster 02/20/07 05:23 pm I watched Tai grow up and now Mei, and personally it seems to me that Mei likes to roll on her head more. Sometimes it's like she doesn't recognize gravity. haha

Up is down, down is up. :-)

At the National Zoo, Tai and mom have really been getting into some heavy duty wrestling now that he's so big. Mom was putting some nifty moves on him the other day -- she looked like a professional wrestler, and you could see the difference in their experience levels.

Tai still has some growing to do before he can beat mom in a wrestling match.

cathleen 02/20/07 08:10 pm Ha! I will have to look in on Tai and his Mom! Those wrestling moves sound pretty interesting, and I am sure that Mei has the experience to teach Tai some new ones!
lynn 02/22/07 02:20 pm This will probably sound like a silly question, but I'm not too familiar with Tai and his mon. They are both big, so my question is how do I tell which one is Tai? Any special markings or behaviors I might take note of to ID Tai?
FOB Webmaster 02/22/07 09:51 pm No, I don't think there are any particular markings. Depending on the camera view, sometimes you can see the size difference. Also Tai is usually the one trying to instigate play while mom is the one trying to eat and sleep. :-)

Also, Tai is the one who often goes up the tree.
lynn 02/23/07 01:19 am Thanks Lisa, everytime I look in on Tai and his mom, I wish I could be sure which was which. Sometimes when one is kind of frisky, I can surmise it's Tai, but they both seem so laid back most of the time. I'll have to keep an eye out for the tree climbing!

With Mei and her mom it's such an easy and delightful thing to watch, so I'd like to get an equal appreciation for Tai and his antics too.

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