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Thread subject: Know your ducks?
Name Date Message
Marie 02/20/07 04:34 pm I mentioned earlier, via Pam, that on February 1 st a really rare bird for this area came to rest at King's Pond.
This is a medium size pond with quite a collection of dabbling ducks and a few species of sea duck that seems to be attracted to this pond for what ever reason. ie Buffleheads and Scaup.
The majority of ducks are American Wigeon, Ring-necked Ducks, Mallards, Wood Ducks and Northern Shoveler. This year I haven't seen one Green-winged teal which is most unusual. A GB heron and a few Canada geese will hang out along with Brewers Blackbirds and other sparrow species. Occasionally one will see a Wilson's snipe. During migration several species of warbler are seen among the willow that crowd one side of this pond. Most of these ducks all disappear when it is breeding season which is April for most of these ducks.
I have put some of the species on here for you to view.
When I was uploading these pics, the Redhead was determined to be first in line( a fairly uncommon duck for this pond) .........perhaps it was appropriate since this is a redhead here posting these pics.
Several pics are of the Tufted Duck that arrived on February 1st. It is still around apparently on one of the smaller ponds within the Golf course area.
Pam 02/20/07 04:58 pm Stunning pics Marie - hard to choose but I think my favourite is the Wood Duck pair.
Anne 02/21/07 06:56 am Most of these ducks would be mega sightings for me. Sigh! But I have seen vagrant Lesser scaup and American wigeon over here in the past.
cathy 02/21/07 12:27 pm Its like a duck identification reference with great detailed photos. We have the same ducks here in Washington, and now I want to go out and find them here. We saw wigeons yesterday at the beach near our home, but the closeups show how gorgeous they are!
Madeline 02/26/07 02:25 am Nice shots Marie! That red head duck was just stunning, a real eye catcher. After that introduction, I don't want to offend any of the other beautiful Bathers. You're ALL beautiful.

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