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Thread subject: Those crows
Name Date Message
Nancy L 02/23/07 10:07 am They were crows, weren't they, that were on the osprey nest in Finland? They're there right now.
Anne 02/23/07 11:45 am Daisy has captured pictures of Hooded crows on the nest today, so they are probably the same birds.

Have you noticed how the lake is frozen over now? Winter has arrived in Finland at last!
Nancy L 02/24/07 09:46 am It's a beautiful view, isn't it?
Marie 02/24/07 11:10 am Looks pretty solid white up in Finland. Guess we won't see those ospreys return for a while.........need a good melt before the ospreys can find dinner in that area. I wonder how frozen that fjord is. ?
lynn 02/25/07 01:38 am Been looking in on the Finland nest whenever there are new pics, and am amazed at the whole body of water frozen over. It makes a beautiful picture, but it sure has to be pretty darn cold!
Those white and black crows on the Osprey nest are interesting in that we have solid black crows here. I had never seen that color combination before.

Been watching the Nkorho site almost every night, and only today realized how many different birds and water fowl I've seen since Nov. 06. Not many of the beautiful birds like at PP, but interesting non the less.
Nancy L 02/25/07 10:19 am If you want to see more beautiful shots of frozen lakes, go to the International Wolf Center site at:

They have 3 lakes which have been frozen over for at least a month, with cams. One has ice-fishing shacks on it.

My husband & I went to the Int. Wolf Center quite a few years ago on one of our "drives."
lynn 02/25/07 05:28 pm Hi Nancy, Just saw your post and had to pop in. You mentioned the magic word, wolves! I went back into the IWC and looked around but didn't find the frozen lakes you spoke of.

The amazing thing is, the Artic Wolf you first see on the IWC site looks just like the photo of an Artic Wolf I have on my PC. (he's watching me as I speak!) I got to see and photgraph him last August at the LI Wolf Expo here on the island.

Just recently I signed several petitions to halt the declassifying of the Grey Wolf. It seems we humans are bound and determined to destroy what we aren't familiar with!

There are two places not too far from LI that I want to look into visiting. One is a short ways upstate, and the other in New Jersey. I'm also going to contact the woman who sets up the Wolf Expo, and get this years date.
Nancy L 02/26/07 09:45 am Lynn - go back to the "" site. Click on "watch live wolves." Enlarge "Wolf Watch 1". Click on "Quick jump to.." and you have a choice of 4 different lakes to view (I like Shagawa) plus you can get a view of Main Street in downtown Ely, Mn.
lynn 02/26/07 07:31 pm Nancy, just went to the site and had no trouble getting to the drop down menu, just too late in the day. Will try again tomarrow. Thanks for the info.

BTW did you drive all the way out to Minnasota to the Wolf Center, if so that must have been quite a drive?!
lynn 02/27/07 07:33 pm Hi Nancy, I watched the videos of each of the exhibit pack today at the Wolf Center, what a treat!! Malik reminds me in appearance and disposition to Ukia, the Artic Wolf I mentioned.

It was great to see them interacting in the videos.

lynn 02/28/07 04:47 pm Had to let you know, Nancy, not only did I get to see the lakes, but got the three wolf cams. On the Wolf Cam 3 I actually saw two wolves. One wolf was dark almost black, and the other the usual grey wolf coloring.

The dark wolf seemed to be the dominant one as the light grey one, at one time was laying down in front of the darker one, in a submission position.

There appeared to be a wire fence in the background, behind the shelters filled with straw. Was I seeing an enclosure fence I wonder?

Thanks again for your help in getting to the cams, it was areal treat to see them in the "wild" and not just a photo.

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