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Thread subject: Bornheim Storks on Youtube
Name Date Message
Anne UK1 02/23/07 06:22 pm A new feature for this year :)
Celeste 02/23/07 07:16 pm They are great Anne, thanks!
Madeline 02/23/07 09:52 pm Hi Anne UK, I was just checking in on the Storchs last night. I hope all goes well with all the new families this year. Last year was so devestating, both Aktion PfalzStorch and at the Storchennest site.

I fowarded the addy to some of my friends, I'm sure they will apperciate the videos, at least they're happy ones at the moment and with Sound too!
Anne UK1 02/24/07 03:47 am Last year was pretty disastrous for the storks wasn't it. The saddest thing was the news that Felix had collided with the power lines. But from what I can gather, the work to mark the lines is moving on well so that's some good news.
Marie 02/24/07 10:57 am The interesting thing about these storks compared with those that arrive at Storkennest is that these guys are a full month ahead. Those others arrive 29th March and 3rd of April. That seems like such a difference when you compare this happy couple who can't wait to get to this part of Germany. The other day it was plus 17 degrees at their location.
I wish it was that here. ;-)
Videos with sound are great, Thanks Anne.
Anne UK1 02/24/07 06:25 pm I think, from what I can gather from translation sites, that the temperatures aren't totally accurate on the Bornheim site - something to do with the camera equipment generating some heat I believe. I've a vague memory from last year that someone queried why there was such a difference between one nest and the other so perhaps it wasn't quite 17 degrees out there. Though it must be warmer than the Storkennest area for there to be such a big difference in arrival times. My geography is not good - I must study an atlas and see how far apart the two sites are.
I was thrilled with the longer video - if just to hear the 'clacking' that those who live near storks had talked about so often last year.
Nina1749 02/25/07 07:08 pm Hi, I am Nina from Germany (I was here as Tina last year, but forgot my password...).
My geography is not good, too. That's one reason why I created the following page with a geographical overview about stork nest and other webcams ;-)

Sorry, it is only in German until now, but you can click i.e. at Bornheim or Vetschau in the right column to see where the stork nest locations are.

One reason, why the storks from Bornheim arrive earlier than the storks in eastern parts of Germany is that they use the western route to get to their winter habitats.

Here is some more information about this:
Madeline 02/26/07 02:17 am Hi Nina, and Welcome to DPOF. I remember you from the Bornheim SHOUT board. Hopefully things calm down a bit, with all the racest remarks being made 1 maybe 2 people, making some of us English speaking feel like idiots Believe me, we appreciate all the help we can get from anybody who's willing to translate German into English.

Thanks for the map of all the different wildlife santuary. Please come again to visit us:-)
Anne UK1 02/26/07 04:05 am Hello Nina (Tina). Thank you for the link to your site. What a lot of work you've put in! Now I can see that the Vetschau site is a lot further east than the Bornheim one.

Madeline, I remember there was some argument on the Bornheim shoutbox last year but I didn't know what it was about. I must admit I feel ashamed that I have to rely on people to translate their own language into English for me but it has ever been the way that europeans learn our language from an early age and I think that makes us lazy. I have a little basic French from my school days, but it wouldn't get me very far in real life conversation :(
Pam 02/26/07 06:22 am I have added your page to my favourites Nina. It is brilliantly done. Not only do we get to see all those stork nests but have nice views of the German towns and villages too. You must be very good with computers. I remember you helped me with RP video clips some time ago. Many thanks for the link.
Anne UK1 02/26/07 08:57 am I've just had another - proper - look at the site and it's amazing! All those links just at the click of a button. I'm very impressed :)
Nancy L 02/26/07 10:15 am Beautiful site, Nina. I put it in my "Favorites."
Nina1749 02/26/07 03:42 pm The site is still under construction, so it's not perfect. I hope that sometime I'll manage it to make an english version, too.
Anne UK1 02/26/07 04:14 pm Well. What is going on at Bornheim 1? First the female pairs with an unknown male. Then last year's male returns and takes his rightful place. Now it seems the female has gone wandering to some meadows with a male who she has dallied with in past years until his real partner returns from migration.
There is no definite id of this female yet but from what I can gather, they think it is the one from Bornheim 1 nest. If the other female returns they think she will drive this one out and that she will then return to Nest 1 where the male is waiting forlornly for her.
Interesting stuff. At first they thought she must have had an accident and I was wondering if I really want to follow the nest again this year after so much sadness last year. But with this new news it's all very interesting.
She has already mated several times with the male in nest 1 I think. What a floozy!
Nina - if you can follow my casual english and have a better understanding of the discussions on the Bornheim message board, could you tell me if I'm understanding it all properly please?
Nina1749 02/26/07 05:59 pm Anne, I couldn't explain it better than you did. In the "Nest-Telegramm" from today there are links to two pictures from the "Hochstadter Wiesen" - the location where the female stork was sighted. They assume that it is the female stork from nest 1 but are not sure now.
Anne UK1 02/26/07 06:57 pm Thank you Nina. I hope it is her even if it means nest 1 is abandoned - it would be so sad if she has had an accident.
Nina1749 02/27/07 02:53 pm Good news from Bornheim: They could read the ring number (FRS 2823) from the stork in the "Hochstadter Wiesen" - it is the female stork from Bornheim Nest 1! :-)
Anne UK1 02/28/07 08:55 am Thank you Nina. She is a naughty girl! I hope she returns to B1 - the poor male is waiting and waiting :(

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