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Thread subject: Incredible Journeys
Name Date Message
Tim P 02/26/07 02:35 pm
Just a reminder that tonight on Animal Planet.

8:00pm - 9:00pm, ANIMAL (57)
Three osprey chicks embark on their first migration from Martha's Vineyard, Mass., to South America.

Anne UK1 02/26/07 04:16 pm I hope you all enjoy it! Not sure about the style of presentation personally, but the birds make up for the human failings :)
FOB Webmaster 02/26/07 05:29 pm Yeah, the guy was a little annoying, and they could have left out the NYC stuff. But the fishing photography and scenery shots were very good.

And it was neat seeing what our ospreys see when they travel.
lynn 02/26/07 06:19 pm Hi Tim, just got a heads up from some folks in Dephi re the Incredible Journeys also. Got a post it taped to the TV and in front of me here at PC birdland! One wonders how those of us who need reminders ever survived before Post Its?!?!
Mickey 02/26/07 06:46 pm He should have followed them in the plane he was in at the start of the show :)
When he got into the cab in NYC I thought they should have put a transmitter on him !
terryo 02/26/07 07:19 pm If anyone needs a copy of the show in case they miss it tonight I still have 1 copy left that was burned for me last Nov.
martyc35 02/27/07 01:11 am Hi: I enjoyed it, but agree about the seeming lack of planning on production. It will be repeated tomorrow, first time, 8 a.m. EST, 11 PST, and there may be more showings later in the day/evening, too.

lynn 02/27/07 01:28 am Hi Marty, nice to hear from you. I watched the ospreys and thrilled to the flight and diving of these magnificent raptors. I'd have to agree, too much humans, not enough ospreys, but on TV that's the way it works.
BTW, have been using my Newmans and have positively ID'd at least a dozen birds, and at least half that many almost ID'd, at Nkorho Pan.

Hope all is well.
Celeste 02/27/07 05:39 am I agree--I wished there was more footage of the osprey and less of the NYC/people thing, however, there was more footage than is normally shown when you see anything regarding osprey on any of the wildlife TV channels. It was interesting to see their actual migrating trip instead of imagining it. The 1 in 10 who do make it, the weather, the long stretches the juveniles must fly over water, fishing to sustain themselves, etc, most certainly increased my awe for this bird.
TomI 02/27/07 06:30 am FYI: Animal Planet has another osprey show on 3/9 at 9am 'Backyad Habitats' - about a family making their yard attractive to osprey.
Tim P 02/27/07 09:13 am I was very disappointed by this program.
Waiting 2 years since BBC announced its making.
I watched it @ 8 &11pm.
it's even worse the second time.
Melanie 02/27/07 01:48 pm I think the premise was good and I'm not familiar with Steve Leonard, but but they didn't get enough good footage to be more about the osprey and less about Steve Leonard
FOB Webmaster 02/27/07 03:01 pm Here's some more info on the Backyard Habitat show on ospreys. Sounds good:

Backyard Habitat
lynn 02/27/07 04:43 pm Thanks for the Backyard Habitat info Lisa I bookmarked it for a reminder and I'll do my Post Its too.

Since I'm such a new afficionato of the osprey world, I found even the small amount of actual osprey footage of great interest and, and dare I say it joy. To see these magnificent birds in flight for even a short time is worth the wading through the people parts for a newbie to ospreys.
Nancy L 02/27/07 07:19 pm My favorite parts were the diving for fish and seeing them shake off the excess water from their wings while flying, just like a dog shakes itself.
Madeline 02/27/07 10:11 pm Nancy, you're so right, that shaking off the water did look just like what a dog would do. We did learn something from that show.

I do feel we didn't learn much from the show, but maybe that's because we do keep up to date with the tracking of osprey and other aspects of their lives. It's amazing just watching the the way they dive for fish. Spectacular!

I'm going to try to send this message and hopefully the internet won't fail me again.
Diane 02/28/07 12:45 pm Ospreys are such amazing birds. Watching the nest every year is wonderful, but reality sets in when seeing what happens after they leave the nest. This program showed that 2 or 3 ospreys they tracked did not make it. Very sad to think that our chicks might suffer the same fate.

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