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Thread subject: Nest Condition ???
Name Date Message
Mickey 03/25/07 03:54 pm I was wondering what you all thought of the nests condition?
I was thinking myself and from the still photos the nest looked very neat and almost flat having gone through our winter. Today it almost seems disheveled but theres a bowl starting to emerge.
But one things for certain.I have had this smile on my face all day because the house is filled with chirps and wind gusts !!
karen 03/25/07 04:56 pm There is alot more of the soft material than even yesterday. And yesterday I saw Dennis doing that chest but into the nest to shape the bowl. And yes it is great to have our cam back.
Anne UK1 03/25/07 05:25 pm I thought there was a lot more shape to it today, but wondered if it was just the light playing tricks on my eyes. There seem to be quite a few new sticks too - if you look back at the first archived still pictures there's quite a lot been added around the edges. And I'm smiling too :)))
Mickey 03/25/07 05:34 pm Lisas nest is taking shape too. Her Ospreys work so hard every Spring to build that nest up. Whereas our birds just have to tidy up.
For me the gold star of nest building must go to last years Conanicut pair. What they did in 10 days to a brand new nothing in it platform was amazing. What you see there now is what they built last year.
My sparrows are even nest building !
FOB Webmaster 03/25/07 07:15 pm Watching ours over the years, I get the feeling that they do a little maintenance at first, but mostly just rest after the long migration. Then once they get their second wind, they really start bringing in the sticks. And then it's amazing how fast the nest starts to take shape.
DaisyG 03/25/07 08:27 pm Lisa, off topic I know, but have you ever noticed any of your males mantling before or after mating as Dennis does?
FOB Webmaster 03/25/07 08:45 pm This season, I have seen our male mantling in the nest while the female was nearby, but I don't know if mating took place around that time.

I think I recall seeing it last year as well.
DaisyG 03/26/07 05:37 am Thanks Lisa. :)
karen 03/26/07 08:52 am I watched the Great Neck pair yesterday and the male was also mantling both before and after mating. If I did not know the behavior from this cam I might not realize what it was using binoculars from a distance.
Pam 03/26/07 01:08 pm Definitely a bowl emerging. Saw Betty really spreading and settling down in it this morning. Amazing how all these Ospreys and their nests differ. The Connecticut one is being built up with some very large sticks now and the Woods Hole nest already has a yellow flag on a stick added which is now getting buried. There is also something blue (could it be last year's teddy somewhat the worse for wear at the back of the nest ?) and now the female is wrestling with what looks like an actual roll of wallpaper. I would love to have seen that being brought in. The female WH bird is very distinctive with her brown feathers at the back of the head behind the black pattern.
Mickey 03/26/07 01:58 pm I thought the blue teddy from last year was expelled.
FOB Webmaster 03/26/07 02:15 pm Our female has been sculpting the nest cup too, using her chest. I'm going to put up a post about it. Sometimes it looks like she's mining for gold down there. :-)
Pam 03/26/07 02:42 pm The blue teddy was expelled. However - they picked it up in the first place to bring to the nest and is there any reason why they should not pick it up from somewhere around the nest where it has probably been lying gathering dirt. Just a thought! I have a vivid imagination and like a good story. Actually looking again, it doesn't look much like a teddy :((
Pam 03/27/07 11:40 am I must be going dotty .... (gone dotty!) The blue teddy was in the Connecticut nest anyway.
Matt 03/27/07 04:36 pm Whats the link to the Connecticut nest?
Mickey 03/27/07 05:36 pm Heres two Matt. BTW its nice to see you posting more this year.

terryo 03/27/07 06:31 pm Pam, Check out my thread #786 of 3/'ll find the CT address there ... be forewarned ... so far this year the site is major league slooooow ... don't know if decreased bandwidth, too many people on site but very frustrating so far this year. There are 2 ospreys that have been courting and nest building for about a week or so.
Matt 03/28/07 09:11 am Thanks Mickey. I haven't had much of a chance to view or post.

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