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Thread subject: Who is this?
Name Date Message
Anne 03/26/07 12:03 pm I took some quick photos of the bird in the nest at 1012 hrs because I thought I saw a band on its left leg. You will see HERE that the forehead markings are very distinctive and not similar to either of last years birds. The crown marking is also different. The last clue is that this bird had a very shrill and clear call.
Pam 03/26/07 12:14 pm All I get is a log in page Anne ....
Anne 03/26/07 12:37 pm How did that happen? Try I should add that photo no 1 is the bird facing the cam head on and no 2 is the back of the head.
Anne 03/26/07 12:38 pm Or
Anne 03/26/07 12:39 pm Anyways, Dennis later mated with this bird!
Mare 03/26/07 12:43 pm Yep he did, I done saw it. :>)
Pam 03/26/07 01:02 pm Well, third time lucky Anne. Sure looks like a different head marking but could not see any band of course. Naughty Dennis !
Mickey 03/26/07 01:54 pm I saw what you were writing about too Anne. The only thing I thought was how windy it is out there and can we really go by head markings in this wind?
I was convinced that it was another female till Dennis done jumped the girl :)
Anne 03/26/07 03:18 pm The wind wasn't blowing the forehead feathers Mickey. That small female with the Charlie Chaplin feet has two definite white spots on her dark forehead patch. Today she received fish from Dennis and mated with him. Yet we know from other obs that last year's Betty is also back. It seems strange to me that the old Betty is letting the new one just take her place. I just hope there isnt going to be trouble.
Melanie 03/26/07 04:40 pm What is this? Any port in a storm? The head markings are not at all '05 Betty's flying duck. Maybe Dennis has really bad eyes which accounts for his not being terribly successful fishing last year OR maybe chickzilla has returned ;-p

Whatever it is, the boy just flew in with a big stick and landed on her back. Nothing like multi-tasking!
cathleen 03/26/07 05:51 pm My two cents: this female osprey is not last year's Betty - her forehead markings are much darker. (I have dubbed her the Dark One.) It is still up in the air for me whether this is last year's Dennis, though the mantling is compelling behavior... At any rate - whoeever they are I agree with a past post that they are still this year's Betty and Dennis!
Anne UK1 03/26/07 06:21 pm Looks more like the space shuttle than a flying duck. Interesting stuff though - which female will win through ....
Marie 03/26/07 07:05 pm I would say this is definitely a different female..The plot thickens.
Tiger 03/26/07 07:33 pm I am glad that people are thinking in terms of a second female. I believe that the "Dark One" was the first osprey to arrive this year. Indeed I am pretty sure that it was the Dark One who we saw when the video came online on Saturday.

Then on Sunday it was all Betty2005 and one had reason to doubt that the Dark one even existed until it made a visit to the nest on Sunday afternoon.

When the darkness lifted this morning who had we got but the "Dark one". Dennis does not seem to mind at all. He loves relationships with both of them.....and after all it is not his job to sort out who is going to be the female in residence this year. It is up to the females.

I do not think that I have seen Betty2005 all day today.
Mickey 03/26/07 07:43 pm after looking at captured pics sent to me,I have to agree that this afternoons female is not last years or even early this mornings.
The soap opera begins !
Madeline 03/27/07 01:35 am This is not the female who was on the nest Saturday. I remember seeing the ( Flying Duck) on her head. This one here has a totally different head markings, like AnneUK said, it looks more like a space shuttle. Does Dennis prefur Dark beauties, over light and airey flying ducks? We shall soon find out which of the ladies will fall for his fickleness.
Celeste 03/27/07 04:37 am It sounds like we definitely do have a soap opera in the makings.
I wasn't confident enough yesterday with the wind, but in the back of my mind I did think to myself those head markings are different. I guess I am just thrilled to see a male/female in the nest. I would love to know if this is an osprey "chick" from another season, which is impossible of course. And of course the mystery of where did the original Betty go? I did hear her "trademark" soft chirp on Saturday. Would be nice if there was nest building going on nearby. Does anyone know about how many nests the Wertheim Refuge has? I only know of a couple of them along that walking path, but are any nests visible from a canoe?

If this is the same Dennis, based on last year's fishing experience, I hope he will not be maintaining two nests! :-)
terryo 03/27/07 07:17 am Celeste, Including the cam nest, I've seen five artifical nests, one of these on the west side of river has remained inactive for the 2 seasons I've seen it. I don't know if their are any natural nests. I think (maybe it was Tom, not sure) someone mentioned there being 7 nests but have to get to work asap and don't have time to research old msg board, sorry.
JudyB 03/27/07 09:35 pm Well, there is an eagle nest on the west coast that has a ménage à trois - but that may be a bit too California!

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