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Thread subject: Have Any of You Seen This?
Name Date Message
Tiger 04/28/07 07:31 pm Have any of you seen this? (I know some of you will)

See Here

Celeste 04/28/07 07:56 pm Thanks Tiger, I am printing it as a keeper. Irene Virag writes a weekly gardening column in the Long Island newspaper known as Newsday. I don't remember this particular article.
Pamela 04/28/07 08:02 pm Thank you for the article, Tiger. He was certainly a dedicated, remarkable man. Whoever handles his website is knowledgeable as well; it's the best around.
Shelley 04/28/07 08:19 pm All I get when I click on that link is a page of gibberish. Not sure what that's all about but I am quite sure it's not what you intended for me to see. I am probably missing some program or other on my computer to view it.

What is it about?
Mickey 04/28/07 08:33 pm you need Adobe acrobat reader. If your on a mac I dont know.
Its about Dennis after he passed away.
Cecilia 04/28/07 09:53 pm Shelley, you do need to have Adobe loaded to read it in it's original format but I will copy and send you the article. Thank you Tiger. I read this in Newsday 6 years ago but I had forgotten all about it.
Shelley 04/28/07 10:21 pm I used to have Adobe and to tell you the truth, I have no recollection of removing it but somehow, it is no longer on my computer. However, I need a computer checkup as it has been giving me lots of grief lately so until my computer guy has a good long look at it, I'm not downloading anything.

Thanks all
RI osprey fan 04/28/07 10:22 pm It downloads fine on an oldish Mac. Thanks for the link.
Marie 04/29/07 01:56 am Wonderful reading Tiger...........
Thanks for sharing. ;-)
Nancy L 04/29/07 10:10 am Thanks so much for finding this, Tiger. I can't imagine how I missed this in Newsday. I feel blessed to have met Dennis before he died. My husband took me into his"study" to meet him. His bird paintings were everywhere. I looked into his journal of traveling down the river in Brazil (I think.) I wished I could have stayed there & read the whole thing, but we only visited for about 10 minutes. I'll never forget it.
Tiger 04/29/07 10:40 am I am glad you enjoyed this. I ran across it some time ago and saved the link for future reference. With Adobe it is easy to save your own copy.
Madeline 04/30/07 01:10 am Thank you Tiger for the article. This was the first time I've read it, and what a beautiful tribute to Dennis Puleston it was. I never realized just how much he loved and respected nature. His family was so lucky to have a man so in love with all creatures great and small.

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Tom Throwe
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