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Thread subject: Eggs
Name Date Message
Pam 04/29/07 09:33 am If....if....if....Betty leaves the nest to find food and the eggs are left - apart from them getting cold after a length of time - what dangers would they face? Obviously the intruders might kick them out but what other predators are in the area. Eagles would take them I know, but I have not heard of there being eagles in the area - Owls would take them but presumably only at night - Raccoons would take them but is there is guard at the base of the pole? How long could the eggs remain safely uncovered as far as getting cold and would there be enough time for Betty to catch a fish from the koi pond for instance? I have still not given up hope of Dennis returning.
Marie 04/29/07 09:35 am Pam, she may well cover her eggs with some nest debris and hope for the best. If she leaves the nest she will no doubt lose her nest to the attackers and the eggs will be destroyed.
Tiger 04/29/07 09:37 am Will you all learn to love the New Betty and Dennis??

Mare 04/29/07 09:48 am I wonder if seagulls would take them, there are many in the area. Those birds will eat almost anything.
Marie 04/29/07 09:52 am Of course we will Tiger...we HAVE is all part of Nature and we are featherheads . Our interest is ospreys no matter who takes over. Despite all the tragedies we have to move on. Not sure how old Betty is but she only laid three eggs this year. I believe she has laid four for the past four years. Perhaps all the ruckus at the nest site has been a factor .Perhaps she is aging too and her time for successful breeding is coming to an end.
Not that I am making light of the hurt/tragedy that has already occurred.
Has anyone in the LI area called any Raptor rehabs centers to see if an injured osprey has been handed in?
Tiger 04/29/07 09:54 am Marie this Betty has only been around since March 2005. It was a different Betty before that or at least I think that is what the consenus is.
Shelley 04/29/07 10:14 am I am just back to the board after a bit of a break and didn't see this post till now. I just wrote Cecilia about this very question (Betty whipping over to the koi pond for a bite to eat).

I do remember the eggs being left uncovered for as long as 20 minutes at a time, in previous years. Or was that at the agle nest cam I used to watch. Can't remember now. But I think that 20 to 30 minuntes might be ok, especially if the weather is warm and winds are mild.

Yes, I wish she'd cover the eggs with nest material and just go eat!!
Cecilia 04/29/07 10:43 am I just got Shelley's email :-) The pond that Dennis brought back Koi & Goldfish from is not that far away but it may not have been stocked this year, or at least not yet. One of the things that has crossed my mind about Dennis is the possibility that he tried to fish in some other pond that was netted and got caught and, you know the rest. (Some people net their ponds in the fall to keep leaves out and since we've had such a cold late spring they may not have removed the netting yet). The people who own the pond where Dennis usually fished were stocking it just to watch Osprey so I doubt if they would have netted.

Anyway, I doubt if Betty will leave her eggs to try to grab a bite. Too risky, especially since it appears that she is being attacked by at least three, maybe four Ospreys. I don't think she will leave until her intincts tell her that she must save herself.

As to Tiger's question about, "Will we all learn to love the new Betty & Dennis?" (Oh Tiger, right to the heart of the matter you go)...I'm sure we're going to be all over the map on this one. I know that I am not going to feel warm & fuzzy about them :-) If I was a scientist I might be fascinated by this up close view of Nature in action but as an emotional human I am going to have a hard time not holding a grudge, at least this year.

And if there really are two pairs involved in the battle for the nest, the fight might go on and on. Eventually I assume one pair will take control and then what? They'll hang out and use it as their night roost & stick around to maintain their dominance. Won't be much to watch.

Of course I'm making a huge assumption here...that it is too late for a new pair to lay eggs.
Tiger 04/29/07 10:50 am Love that post Cecilia.

BTW here is an example of what can happen with an osprey, a net and a fish pond. See An osprey a net and a fish pond

DaisyG 04/29/07 11:40 am Cecilia I agree with you entirely. I too would have a hard time accepting another couple onto that nest right now. I'm quite sure the objective part of myself would succomb to the subjective...I have no idea how long for.

Had Dennis 05 and Betty 05 not returned and another new Dennis and Betty had nested...well of course that would have been another matter.
Pamela 04/29/07 11:53 am Tiger, if this Betty has been around only since 2005, was it the same Dennis? I thought ospreys mated for life. If, indeed, Dennis does not appear again this season, what will happen to our Betty? Will there be another mate eventually?
Madeline 04/29/07 11:58 am If Betty were to leave the nest , she would first have to cover the eggs with nest material. The problem with that is there isn't any nest material around. This is so heartbreaking watching her calling for Dennis and getting no response.

As Cecelia has said, would be hard to feel "warm and fuzzy about them", but that's only for a while, as we will still be mourning the loss of Betty, Dennis and the eggs. If it is too late to start nesting for the neew couple, then it would of been all for nothing. Mother Nature works in mysterious ways.
Celeste 04/29/07 12:03 pm Hopefully, Betty will eventually leave the nest safely and make another migration back to the nest next year. She may appear at the same nest and perhaps find a new mate who is looking, or she may find a new mate in a different nest. It is said that it's not so much the mate, but the natal area that brings the osprey back. Perhaps a perch and more sticks should be put on the wagon wheel nest to attract another couple, though I do feel that wagon wheel is too close to the current nest. Again, many of these osprey that are "floating" around could be first time migrators who as I mentioned before arrive much later than the experienced osprey...though like Cecilia I can't think warm and fuzzy now, I am trying to focus on the fact that ospreys at one time or another have had to fight for a nest, including the current Betty. I'm trying im any event.:)
Tiger 04/29/07 12:10 pm Pamela this Dennis was new in 2005 as well.

I presume that Betty will find a new mate.

The only situation slightly similar was the famous Loch Garten pair Ollie and Olive who ruled Loch Garten from 1993 to 2001. Now Ollie failed to turn up for the 2002 season and so Olive was courted by a series of suitors who all failed and she literally flew away one day.

The battle for Loch Garten continued for all of 2002 and most of 2003 when it assumed that normality had resumed when the now famous Henry and EJ became the couple in residence.

As followers of the Henry and EJ soap know this was to be a misguided idea.

If Loch Garten fails to produced chicks this year that will be four failures in sin six years.

It shows what happens when a dominant male dies.
Pamela 04/29/07 12:19 pm If Betty left the nest permanently, would she remain in the area and migrate in September? I
Celeste 04/29/07 12:42 pm Good question...I would think so, but then again, there have been osprey who left areas all together. Perhaps one day during this season, we might see her land on the nest and we would definitely recognize her head markings that's for sure. It's unlikely that we will see chicks in this nest no matter what osprey pair claims it..and if we have to have such a sad season this year, wouldn't it be great to see her back in the DPOF nest with another mate next season!
martyc35 04/29/07 01:40 pm Other egg predators: Crows. They love eggs, and after the one egg at Blackwater was broken this year, crows came in and ate it up. They are known for going for any eggs that are left alone. Sorry this is still going on.

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