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Thread subject: Was that Dennis????
Name Date Message
Anne UK1 04/29/07 12:46 pm Needs an expert to id please. Hope someone got a capture!
Jack 04/29/07 12:48 pm What was that all about? Whoever that bird seemed as though she was totally receptive of it. No aggression on the part of either bird......This is VERY interesting
elaine 04/29/07 12:48 pm No id help from me, sadly. The osprey looked quite large, perhaps larger than Betty.
june 04/29/07 12:50 pm Do you really think it might be Dennis? Could this be too good to be true? I'm soooo confused.
Celeste 04/29/07 12:51 pm Trish's capture worked....has anyone checked it yet? What do you think of the markings on that osprey?
Anne UK1 04/29/07 12:51 pm We'll just have to wait and see I guess. It seemed a different reaction from Betty. Maybe just because she's getting worn down, but they seemed to have a conversation and rather than defend the eggs, she stood right back off them.
The new arrival seemed to be shouting out a defence/reclamation of his nest. Could be my wishful thinking and imagination working overtime of course.
The bird looked fit and healthy. I'd love to think it is Dennis and he'll be back soon with a lovely juicy fish!
Anne UK1 04/29/07 12:53 pm Trish you're a star. I hope someone can id this the way we are all hoping for!
Trishrg 04/29/07 12:54 pm captures
Mare 04/29/07 12:54 pm I've got captures, give me a few mins to get them in the album, it sure looked like him to me...don't want to jump the gun here by making a rash conclusion..
Celeste 04/29/07 12:55 pm I just witnessed what you must have seen Anne and others. Is it wishful thinking on my part? Were the markings similar to Dennis...and he seemed to defend the nest also with a very calm Betty next to him unfazed. There are territorial chirps nearby also.
Mare 04/29/07 12:55 pm whoops sorry, didn't see that Trishrg had posted captures, thats great!!!
Trishrg 04/29/07 12:55 pm I thought the osprey looked mighty skinny and maybe a little bedraggled. If it isn't him would she accept another hoping for a fish???? Too much runs through our minds. What if, what if,......
Trishrg 04/29/07 12:57 pm Mare, please post more captures if you got em! More ID will help our speculating minds. LOL!
Mare 04/29/07 12:58 pm I will but i cant stop watching this!! LOOK at his feet!!
Celeste 04/29/07 01:02 pm omg I am inclined to dare to think? Things are too calm. Osprey's mannerisms were familiar and Betty was her ole calm self. Where' Tiger?
Tiger 04/29/07 01:02 pm I do not think it ais Dennis as I am not convinved that bird had funky feet.
Judy 04/29/07 01:03 pm Oh my! Could it be? I just observed a male and female on the nest. That does look very much like Dennis to me. The two got along as if they knew each other. The male chirped for a while then took off while the female settled back down on the eggs. If it is Dennis, where in the world has he been for the last few days?
elaine 04/29/07 01:03 pm Thanks for the captures, Trish. Could it be Dennis?? The "intruder" has landed again, and another osprey makes a fly-by, but does not touch down. The "intruder" flies off after it! (Dennis, is that you?)
Celeste 04/29/07 01:03 pm I am really beginning to think Dennis is BACK!!!!
Mickey, Tiger, Terryo where are you?
Tiger 04/29/07 01:06 pm Take a look at those captures of Trishes. No funky feet.
elaine 04/29/07 01:11 pm Celeste, do you really think it could be Dennis? I hope so. I keep my fingers crossed and await ID from you and the other experts! Big hug to you! ;)
Celeste 04/29/07 01:12 pm Betty is very accepting of this male. And if it's not Dennis and she is accepting him and he is defending the nest, there is hope for those eggs. To tell you the truth I have never really studied Dennis' feet...more his mannerisms/and head markings and this male is extremely familiar to me.("knock on wood")
Pamela 04/29/07 01:12 pm What was funky about Dennis' feet?
Anne UK1 04/29/07 01:13 pm I've never quite known what funky feet were. The two middle shots on the left hand strip of pics - do those feet not look funky on the bird at 9 o'clockl?
Celeste 04/29/07 01:16 pm Yeah Tiger what was funky about those feet? Right now the male on the perch is chirping and sounds to me like Dennis. If it is him, I am getting angry at him for worrying us so. His he messing around in another nest?
Mare 04/29/07 01:17 pm I think it depends how he stands...

Pam 04/29/07 01:17 pm Here are two the end of the album:
I think it is Dennis
Trishrg 04/29/07 01:19 pm Okay, suddently I can't make a link???

Anne UK1 04/29/07 01:20 pm Phew. I can get back to my huge pile of ironing now. Dare I smile? :)
Mare 04/29/07 01:20 pm If that's not Dennis, then it's his long lost twin.
Mickey 04/29/07 01:21 pm Its true shes tolerant of him. But Dennis would have sat on his eggs when Betty took off. He loved Brooding.
BTW this is not the same bird she let on the nest the other night. That bird had a white patch between its eyes just above its beak. I agree with you all that he is behaving like its his nest though. If Betty would let him sit on her eggs or if he would bring her a fish, then I might be more hopeful.
Anne UK1 04/29/07 01:21 pm Trish I love the bottom left shot in that last batch. Are they a pair, or are they a pair :)
Trishrg 04/29/07 01:32 pm I sure hope it's him............ and the drama continues..... just bring her a fish!!!
Celeste 04/29/07 01:34 pm Or sit on those eggs....please.....
Mickey 04/29/07 01:44 pm The feeling I got when watching when she stood up /off the eggs was she was showing him the eggs. She was very hesitant on flying off. She eventually did take a fast lap.
I was yelling at him to sit on the damn eggs but he didnt.
elaine 04/29/07 01:53 pm I had the same feeling, Mickey. If this is Dennis and he is able-bodied, where are the fish? My husband wonders if Dennis is tending two nests. I look forward to a fish delivery !
Celeste 04/29/07 01:58 pm Good to see/read your posts Elaine. Though I must admit that I am inclined to think it's Dennis, like Mickey says, it would be better to see this male brood. However, the dynamics of the nest are more positive. And I think we can all admit that there is a certain calmness in this nest that hasn't been seen in days. There is still alarm chirps going on as I type this, but at least for a period of time, we haven't seen the wings, and bombardments of other osprey as we have seen prior to this male hanging in the nest.
Jack 04/29/07 01:59 pm Regardless if this is her original mate or not.....she seems to at least be tolerating his presence and if he can step in as a "stepfather"....all well and good. We can only sit here and watch as the story unfolds. We can only read the pages as they are written. We can not edit the story. So.....sit back...have a cup of tea...or coffee...or stronger if need be.......and enjoy the show as best you can. And thank you all for your input.
Lori 04/29/07 06:12 pm Elaine.....I think I agree with your husband's thoughts
Madeline 04/30/07 01:34 am I remember we had the same thought last year when Dennis wasn't providing enough fish for Betty and the kids. He'd be gone for long periods of time, remember? Hopefully he's gotten it out of his system, and becomes a homebody.

I'm not sure if this is our Dennis of 2005 and 06, but if he's a good provider and brooder, that's all we can ask him. I can't tell if his feet are strange looking or not, no matter how many captures I look at, maybe he went to a Podiatrist ;-)

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