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Thread subject: How did you all find this cam and message board?
Name Date Message
Judy 05/21/07 03:35 pm I was just wondering how you all came to find this place.

I found it on a message board via one day while searching for wildlife cameras. Although I've been watching since 2003, I only started posting on the message a couple of years ago.
Sarah Brown 05/21/07 03:59 pm A link from another osprey site in 2005
Mickey 05/21/07 04:08 pm I found it while searching for girl on girl porn :)
I wasnt successful in my original quest back in 03, but I found here instead !

OK so it wasnt as colorful as that. A friend told me and like most things old,I miss those days dearly !
Judy 05/21/07 04:15 pm Mickey, you are one crazy individual and definitely the "spice" in this message board.

I'm just glad my grandson can't read yet! ;)
Matt 05/21/07 04:20 pm I read about it in Newsday back in 2003
karen 05/21/07 04:34 pm Same for me ... Newsday. I also did not post in the beginning but was hooked right away. Was that really 2003?
Matt 05/21/07 04:38 pm Yes karen, that was when the DPOF cam went up for the first time
Melanie 05/21/07 04:40 pm Well, it isn't THAT big a stretch from girl to bird if you were a child of the 60's, Mickey ;-p

I found it in '04 on a BirdEast listserve from an entry made by someone at the Ross School in East Hampton
RonS 05/21/07 04:54 pm 2003 Newday for me also. Mickey got me thinking about the "good old days" and how everything we saw and heard was so new at that time. Just like now, with the volatile season we've had so far!!! Can you just imagine the Obs and messages of 2010 referring back to "good old "07"???? ;>)))
Marie 05/21/07 05:05 pm I found it through an ''Eagle'' web site out of Kent Washington....( at least I believe, and remember if I am lucky ,that is how) ;-)
Cecilia 05/21/07 05:21 pm Newsday for me too...that Nature series they did in 2003. I'm just thankful that that was such a peaceful year...I'm not sure I would havve hung in there if it was this year or the year that Betty fed one of the chicks to the others :-)
Celeste 05/21/07 06:04 pm Newsday also in 2003....Our Natural World series that Newsday was starting and a small little article about a new cam being set up on an osprey nest in Brookhaven...I remember looking at the site for a few weeks and finally saying to myself, "oh what the heck I am going to write an observation".....when you think back to those of us who posted in 03 things were so very innocent...we posted our e-mails on-line in order to post a way thank goodness it was the pioneer days of this site, because that is how many of us got to meet and make lifetime friends! and the rest of course is still history in the making!;-)
Madeline 05/21/07 06:19 pm I found this site through a friend of mine, who is just a Lurker, but I found it so interesting and enjoyable. The cam being live 24 hrs a day and with sound kept me glued to the screen. Then I discovered the observation board and watched for a while, till I got the nerve to post. I was a total new to the world of computers and this was jsut the right place to find people who have something in comon to talk about. It's also a teachcing aid if you have any questions to ask about osprey or your computer. I think most of the people here are friendly and courtious and you'll grow ot love them. Of course there is that .01 % how will be a spoiler, but pay them no mind.

Of course you already know that!
BarbaraMc 05/21/07 06:45 pm Good ole Newsday. Even though I lurk most of the time, I feel like I know you all.
Judy 05/21/07 06:58 pm Thanks everyone! I was just curious about how we all got here. It was so easy to get hooked on this web cam and I look forward to it every Spring. I'll really be happy when I switch back to cable internet and get rid of this dreadful satellite. I can only peek in for a moment and that's just not long enough.
MarciS 05/21/07 07:03 pm Same Newsday article for me too. Can't believe it's been four years already. Even though I'm now 1000 miles away, I still read Newsday and I'm still watching our osprey. :)
Shelley 05/21/07 07:11 pm I was co-hosting a message board at iVillage and posted a question to others to share a favourite link. One of the regulars, who lived in Greenport at the time, posted this link. Once I had a peek, I was hooked. Before this cam, I had only ever observed the eagle cam in Kent, Washington, the same one Marie made reference to. I adored that one and watched it for about 3 years but once I *discovered* live streaming video, it was hard to go back to still pics.
Tiger 05/21/07 08:21 pm Not sure how I found this cam. Just when.

See I arrived here

This is My first post

Judy 05/21/07 08:22 pm Shelley, I also co-hosted a board for many years on iVillage.
lynn 05/21/07 08:51 pm Judy, I'm one of the late comers to this site. I read about the DPOF site in an issue of Newsday last August, and have been an avid viewer ever since.

Everyone has been so helpful both with Osprey info and just info in general! :-) This site has also been a great source of info on other osprey, Peregrines, birds and nature in all their glory.

Kathy 05/21/07 09:15 pm Newsday for me too in 2003.
lynn 05/21/07 10:57 pm Tiger, thank you so much for posting those earlier days of reminiscing. I can't tell you how nice it was to read back over everyone's story of arriving here at DPOF! :-))

As I read the words of all these osprey folks I felt anew the reason why I have come to love the world of the osprey, and why I enjoy coming here each day!!!

My best to you all,


june 05/22/07 06:17 am Newsday. That's also where I met my husband.
Tiger 05/22/07 06:27 am What is this Newsday? (at risk of sonding stupid!).
Pamela 05/22/07 08:10 am Google and Gessner brought me to your site where I now hover over the computer and search libraries and past observations to learn as much as I can about our fish hawks.
Tammy 05/22/07 08:11 am Newsay is a daily newspaper here on Long Island. It frequently does special articles on subjects of interest to our local surrounding. The Natural World series covered many of the wonderful wild life (plant and animal) that we have here. The Ospreys were highlighted because of their remarkabel comeback. I have always felt that since the water is so much a part of out life here, the osprey has a special place in our lives because of its ties to water. What an awesome bird!
Mare 05/22/07 08:25 am Tiger, Newsday is also online and that's how many of us found this site, including myself. Here is the Natural World site, take a look:
Pam 05/22/07 09:43 am Thanks for that link Mare. I had Newsday on my Media list but I looked and couldn't find Our Natural World although it is up to date with all the other news. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place. At any rate I now have the two bookmarks for Newday. It looks a terrific site to explore when (and if) there is time with lots of audio, video, etc. What a super place to live - lucky you. Continuing with answering the above question.... I can't remember LOL !!!! Another senior hour or three !!
Nancy L 05/22/07 10:08 am My husband, the Puleston's "pool man," came home one day back in '03 & told me the news via Mrs. Puleston. What a wonderful memorial to her husband, who had passed away less than 2 years before. I had never watched a cam in my life up 'til then. Since that time, we have watched the following chicks fledge: Liberty & Freedom in '03; Spirit, Peace, & Chickzilla in '04; Brook & Haven in '05; and Star, Stripe & Flag in '06.
MarciS 05/22/07 11:06 am Well, I just found my introduction post

martyc35 05/22/07 01:04 pm I came across the cam through a Google search, and watched it, seemingly alone, for several weeks, when it occurred to me that others must be doing the same and commenting, but all I could find was an old chat list, with tons of spam, mostly porn or ways to recover one's able youth, if you know what I mean. I tried posting there, but no one responded, and no new link opened up to put me in touch with other watchers. I was also watching FOB, and finally an e-mail to Lisa (FOB Webmaster) got me the answer. She provided a link to the current chat group, and I emerged from the endless lists of porn and erectile dysfunction to find real people who shared my angst about what was happening to the little baby, who turned out to be already named Flag. Of course, I was hooked immediately and have been ever since. Now, ironically, Judy, you have helped me decide not only which ISP to use, but how I can avoid the satellite folks and keep the best one in the West, That is one reason I am staying just inside the CA border rather than venturing up into Oregon. Thanks. You were just in time to save me from a horrible fate!
pccompton 05/22/07 02:32 pm I found it from the NCTC eagle cam blog when someone on the blog mentioned it last year.
Judy 05/22/07 02:35 pm Glad I could help Marty. You would be so disappointed if you had chosen satellite. We are even considering writing the company to complain about their service in hopes that we can avoid having to pay the $300.00 early termination fee that they charge. There are thousands of unhappy subscribers and now you won't have to be one of them.
martyc35 05/22/07 04:14 pm I use Dish Network, so I have satellite TV, and it seemed like a natural move to use them for DSL or whatever, but I hadn't looked into it yet. Thanks again. I switched from Direct TV on principle when Rupert Murdoch bought them up, and Dish was my last hope at that time, because the local cable was terrible. But, which started here in Santa Rosa, has branched out around CA now, so I will be glad to stick with them, as they are now moving toward even faster hookup speeds than DSL. Sorry you had to find out the hard way. If they didn't live up to their promises, they should certainly waive that penalty fee. If they don't, they will get costly lawsuits, so I'm betting that they will.
Best, and Good Luck,
JudyB 05/22/07 09:09 pm I discovered an eagle cam from BC last spring, and after listening to me chatter on about the eagles for weeks on end, my husband mentioned that some old family friends of his had an osprey cam. I did a web search for Puleston and osprey - and the rest is history. :~)

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