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Thread subject: Vt. Closes 8 Cliffs to Protect Falcons
Name Date Message
Melanie 05/21/07 04:53 pm I just got an email from Gib with a LINK to this article. Vermont sure does love it's raptors!
Lucy 05/21/07 04:57 pm Thanks Melanie - Gib here - posing as my cat are a gem!
Marie 05/21/07 05:11 pm Have you heard Melanie, how well the young eagles that were translocated to Vermont , last year are doing? One or two came from Blackwater, Maryland didin't they?
Without parents to teach them the ways of being an eagle, I am curious as to their survival rate?

It is so good to know Vermont really protects their Raptors.
Cecilia 05/21/07 05:19 pm Good for them! Bet there won't be people protesting, like the folks did in East Hampton, when they closed the beach because of the Piping Plovers! Vermont is so far ahead of New York environmentally.
Melanie 05/21/07 05:54 pm As far as the bald eagle chicks in VT go, they did a satellite tracking on five of the "chicks" but it was designed to last only for three months - which it did, and showed that while the young eagles were exploring, they stayed pretty much within a 10 mile radius of where they were released. I haven't seen any figures on 1st year mortality rates but I'm willing to bet they are no where near as high as ospreys. They got a total of five chicks from MD last year, but they also got them from VA and also from a rehabber in MA who has at least two nesting pairs who cannot be released - I think they have hacked at least 15 chicks a year for the past 3 years into VT. I do know that last year (2006) was the first year VT had a successful nesting pair.

From what I can see, the majority of the eagle sightings in VT are occurring in the Addison area which is where the Vermont Eagle Restoration Initiative project was conducted. I did see that in 2005 they sighted 15 eagles in that area for their winter bird count in March (they didn't differentiate between mature and immature).

Vermont is just amazing for their whole attitude towards the environment. They really walk the walk, not just talk the talk.
Madeline 05/21/07 06:05 pm It's nice to hear that VT is very cncerned for their falcons and are closing some hiking trails and cliffs to allow their falcons to nest without interference from humans. I'm not a beach goer, so closing the ocean beaches really doesn't concern me too much. Doesn't Long Island depent on the beaches as part of their tourism, especially in the Hamptons? I know that there are signs at Robert Moses State Park and Ocean Beach Pky beaches, that tell people to stay off the dunes due to nesting Plovers. Hopefully people will be intellegent enough to realize the importance of the signs and STAY OFFthe DUNES.

I'm not condoning the protesting, but I can understand how these people feel who live out there and also vacation there, just for that purpose, to use the beaches.
Celeste 05/21/07 06:24 pm Off the subject but having to do with peregrine Newsday today someone wrote a letter complaining about the peregrine falcons on the 17th floor ledge at the Nassau Medical Center. They were complaining about the money spent by the Dept. Of Enviornmental Protection agency protecting these peregrines which roost at the Center every year. In fact the person said that a huge bounty should be offered to anyone coming in with a dead falcon. Their complaint was that hawk lovers claim to be protecting the balance of nature but they are interrupting the natural process. This person lived a mile northwest of the center and says that a great variety of birds living in the many maples in the community have disappeared. They see no robins, bluejays, cardinals and RWBB, and no more early morning calls of the mourning dove.

To quote "We are suffering through what Rachel Carson called a "Silent Spring." thanks to these people and their airborne murderers. Curiously, these types think of themselves as Carson's heirs"

Everyone of course is entitled to their opinion, but I also feel this person doesn't understand that the agency isn't saving these chicks, they are just protecting them...they didn't put the falcons there, the peregrines out of necessity have discovered high ledges to roost which indicates to me that the falcons have been around in the first place, and maybe there are other reasons why things are quieter in this person's neighborhood. This person complained of an increase of mosquitoes, well recently I have read that the West Nile virus has made a real dent in our bird population, in particular, crows, titmouse, and chicadees. I had a neighbor recently ask me why didn't I throw something at the red tail hawk that was eating its prey in my mom's yard in January? All I can do right now is "shake my head"'s this kind of thinking that upsets the balance of nature, not peregrines picking the same place to roost each year.
karen 05/21/07 06:50 pm There are many issues being raised these days about who/what to save. I read an article in Audobon Magazine last month ( if I can find a link I will post it) about the process of saving the last 3 islands off the coast of Maine for the Atlantic Puffins. It was suppossed to be a short term project but what happenned was that 2 other endangered species starting increasing also and then threatened the puffin chicks. So now the Fish & Wildlife had to decide how to keep 3 different threatened populations in balance. The end result is that the Fish & wildlife will have to stay there and try to maintain a balance. The article raised interesting questions about how much we have screwed things up but that some of our solutions may not be the best thing either. Of course the writer in the magazine said all this much better!
karen 05/21/07 06:55 pm PS Melanie thanks for the article and it is great to see people willing to change their ways a bit to protect the nesting season. There is plenty of beach out east for everyone including the plovers and I do not get it why people protest AND btw the largest sections of beach in my area tha gets fenced off is for the least terns who nest right at the highwater line while the plovers are back usually in the first dune and get a small 4 ft round cage! But people always are blaming the plovers ....
karen 05/21/07 07:08 pm Link to article called The Maine Event
(sorry I never did learn the live link trick )
Melanie 05/21/07 07:23 pm Vacationers on Cape Cod also complain bitterly when the beaches get closed when the terns and plovers are nesting. To say they (not the locals) get upset that they can't go out with ther ATV's and tear up the dunes whenever they want is an understatement; they make it sound like they've been stripped of a birthright.

I'd like to tether some of them to their ATV's and jam their infernal machines throttle wide open. Same goes with Ski-doos and the majority of snowmobilers. Vroom Vroom!!!
Cecilia 05/21/07 07:42 pm Plovers, Terns, Perigrine Falcons...NATURE! They get in the way of the "entitled" mankind that thinks that they should be allowed to do what ever they what, wherever they ATVs on the dunes, snowmobiles through sensitive forests, Ski-Dos in wetland areas, SUVs on endangered headlands...the list goes on and on. It's why I'm so thankful that there is a Wertheim, and a Morton Wildlife and and Volunteers for Wildlife and Wellwin, and, and, and...not nearly enough but at least a few places (and organizations) where birds and other wildlife are safe from the fools that think they should be allowed to go where ever they want despite the trail of destruction they leave behind. God help us all if we ruin all of the habitats that our natural world uses to survive. the soapbox I go :-)
lynn 05/21/07 08:31 pm Thanks for the heads up about Vermont watching out for it's wildlife. Here on the Island, the beaches and dunes are seemingly fair game, where people seem to think nature is put there just for their "toys" and noise.

Madeline 05/22/07 01:43 am Yikes! I just read my post and it sounds like I was saying it's our right to take over the beaches regardless of nature. I didn't mean it to come out that way. Actually, I didn't even take into consideration the use of ATV's since I've never seen anyone using them or know anyone who ownes one. I'd like to believe that most people are concerned and caring about nature, but of course there are those that don't give a DAMN about anything but themselvesl

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