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Thread subject: Conn Nest
Name Date Message
DaisyG 05/22/07 07:19 am I'm sure there must be a pipping chick or hatchling here. Mum has been restless and constantly looking down and listening.

No capture as I didn't get a good look at the eggs/?chick when she stood and turned round.
Pam 05/22/07 08:00 am I thought the same when I looked in earlier Daisy but I couldn't get a good look underneath her either.
DaisyG 05/22/07 08:13 am Did you see when something startled her earlier? Intruders here too?
cathleen 05/22/07 08:39 am Thanks for the alert, Daisy. I have tuned in to see a fish drop and changeover. Looks to be three eggs there - got a capture. Did not see any fuzzy heads, so maybe there's an egg ready to pop!
DaisyG 05/22/07 08:53 am Oh that's brilliant Cathy, you got a great capture there! Can't be long now :)
Pam 05/22/07 09:24 am I think I see four eggs in your capture Cathleen.
MarciS 05/22/07 09:43 am I've seen four eggs there also. And she does seem a bit fidgety today; keeps getting up and looking down.
JudyB 05/22/07 10:40 am There are 4 eggs, and I think today is day 41 for the first egg, so a hatching is definitely possible today! They have been bothered by intruders, but no where near as much as here. Not sure if it's impolite to post a link to another forum - if so I apologize in advance - and here's a link to the thread on the Maine eagle cam forum about this nest - link. There are lots of pictures, including some taken by someone who visited the nest site.
Pam 05/22/07 10:46 am We appreciate links Judy. I'm never too sure about the etiquette either but I don't think anybody minds - we follow them up in the quiet moments here :)) At the Conn. nest the male brought in a fish but female would not leave eggs and at one point they both seemed to be listening with heads directed towards the eggs. I think a hatching is imminent.
Madeline 05/22/07 10:50 am I thinhk there's going to be a hatching very shortly. The female is constantly looking down and she's figitty.
Pam 05/22/07 11:28 am Talk about expectant parents...they don't know what to do with themselves, particularly the male who is standing around like a spare part, shifting twigs here there and everywhere.
DaisyG 05/22/07 11:31 am I have a new machine running Windows Vista and can't play this cam on it. I have no probs viewing on my other PC with WinXP. Anyone else encountered this?
JudyB 05/22/07 12:20 pm Our regular observers have been being kicked off regularly this morning - think too many people are watching for their bandwidth.
Pam 05/22/07 12:32 pm Daisy - have you another browser available e.g. Firefox? I have found sometimes I can't get BTYahoo but I can get Firefox.
DaisyG 05/22/07 12:41 pm Yes I have Firefox Pam but can only get stills using that, no live video for some strange reason.

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