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Thread subject: Second chick
Name Date Message
Shelley 06/02/07 05:42 pm Is anyone else seeing what I think I'm seeing? The first chick is enjoying a feast but the second one appears motionless. Sorry for my many typos on my obs but since I can't edit to correct them there, so be it. This little chick is lying, face-down and hasn't moved at all since Dennis arrived with the fish. Meal is still being fed but no movement from the little one.

Should I be worried? My picture is very fuzzy today. I am hoping that is all
Shelley 06/02/07 05:45 pm WHEW!!! He just got up! And is now being fed! At first, I saw the first chick moving him and I thought for sure something was wrong but it looks like they are just trading places now. Thank goodness!
First chick passes out and now the little one is eating in peace.
LorraineB 06/02/07 06:16 pm I saw the same thing happen today at the CT nest and had the exact reaction as you did. I just kept staring until I saw movement. I was very happy when the motionless chick got up.
Mickey 06/02/07 06:32 pm WHEWY !!!
Shelley 06/02/07 06:41 pm Thanks, Lorraine! I wonder if anyone can move back that cam and see what I saw. I'm telling you, I nearly had a heart attack!
martyc35 06/02/07 07:20 pm All of these babies scare the heck out of us. When the peregrine falcon chicks go to sleep, they often have their mouths hanging open and their feet sticking up in the air. They look dead enough for rigor to have set in. Then, hearing a parent or some feeding going on, they jump up from the dead and get in on the act. Once you get past the scary stage, it''s really quite hilarious. RTH babies do the same.
june 06/02/07 07:29 pm I was watching this also but noticed the "little one" twitching. I was glad when big brother went over and woke him up.

I got a kick out of the big one, when he was full and didn't want anymore, Mom would say "Come on, just one more bite". Does this sound familiar to any of the Moms out there?
Judy 06/02/07 07:43 pm Every year I have to stop watching due to the aggression going on. I'm just too sensitive to sit and watch the older one peck the little guy into submission. It's tough to witness that behavior. I'm so glad #2 is okay.
LorraineB 06/03/07 09:42 am Hi Judy - I had the same reaction last year when Flag was getting the crap kicked out of him. I just couldn't watch. When he started to get the courage to fight back I sat here cheering - lol. I also have to stop watching when the chicks are close to the edge. If one fell over I'd be in therapy for the rest of my life - lol.
martyc35 06/03/07 04:47 pm Peregrine chicks looking like four dead:


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