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Thread subject: Is the last egg finally cracked in the middle?
Name Date Message
Celeste 06/03/07 07:12 am This morning while Betty was furniture shopping, the egg looked like it had a crack in the middle. My husband also thought so, (called for a 2nd opinion:-)
Anyways, here's a photo....
Cecilia 06/03/07 07:46 am Looks like there is a crack or a piece of dried grass stuck across it, that's for sure :-)

I hope the darn thing does crack soon...I've been thinking that that egg is driving her nuts. She just can't get comfortable with that lump in the middle of her chest. She rocks back and forth more than I can ever remember a female Osprey doing in this nest. It was one thing when there were three and her weight was evenly distributed but now she has those little soft guys and this "rock" to try to cover. Can't be comfy.

I can see it right now, it's pushed to the front of her brood patch and is peeking out but she hasn't stood up again so I haven't been able to get a good look at it.
Anne 06/03/07 10:40 am I have been away and missed all the action. How old are the chicks now please? And which eggs are considered to have hatched?
Pam 06/03/07 10:43 am I have looked and cannot see a crack in the egg ...maybe it was a twig across it ?
JudyB 06/03/07 11:41 am Anne, they hatched on May 25 and May 28, and are probably from eggs #2 and #3 even though that would only be 36 days each - the unhatched egg is the darkest one, and that's the one that was laid first. Even if it's egg 3, this would be day 42 for it and that seems unlikely given that under that scenario the other eggs would have hatched on day 39. (Hope that sort of makes sense.)

I have a slideshow of the 10:30 am feeding here. and the individual pictures are here. Or at least I hope they are - I haven't had a lot of experience with Photobucket.

Good - they are there, though you may need to scroll down past the add to see the pictures.
Anne 06/03/07 11:54 am Thanks Judy.
june 06/03/07 11:56 am Maybe the chick will hatch and come out full sized with all it's feathers. Sort of like a cartoon. (I really don't think so, so don't have me comitted)
Celeste 06/03/07 04:46 pm Judy your photos I believe show the egg intact. Perhaps it was piece of wet grass that was across the egg this morning....and maybe June has a good theory going also! Now that would be a "different" obs!

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