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Thread subject: Survival in Scotland
Name Date Message
Anne 06/03/07 10:51 am I have just returned from Speyside in Scotland where the weather has been atrocious. We had two bitterly cold days followed by 48hrs of non-stop torrential rain. We got wet with all our gear on so how those poor ospreys survived at the tops of their trees I do not know.

On the way home we called at Loch of Lowes to find that one chick had died. The hen had valiantly sat through the downpour for 48 hrs and refused food. It was more important to keep her chicks dry. Unfortunately, when she could expose the chicks and feed them, it was too late for the youngest.

Having seen what these magnificent birds endure to ensure the survival of their offspring, I am more in awe than ever. Oh and yes, I did visit Henry's nest but he was not at home. EJ was hunkered down in the rain. Maybe their later brood has been a blessing in disguise because many more chicks must have succumbed last week.
Pam 06/03/07 11:00 am Oh that is so sad Anne and sorry your birdwatching trip was such a washout. It has been the same here in the Midlands, absolutely pelting down for two solid days and then really heavy showers interspersed with sunny periods. As you know, it is really nice again now.
Anne 06/03/07 11:18 am But it wont put me off going back in about a month's time. I have worked out a route that will take in several nests and lots of photo opportunities.
Celeste 06/03/07 04:48 pm Yes I read about the hailstones that occurred in Scotland, and that EJ was seen eating them also! Is it unusual to have this kind of weather at this time of year there?
Anne 06/03/07 05:06 pm I think incessant rain is unusual in NE Scotland at this time of year, but it is often cold up there. The Spey rose about 10 ft overnight and Keith managed to capsize the canoe! Thank goodness it was only his dignity that was injured.
Marie 06/03/07 07:40 pm Scotland can be a bit surprising with its 'blustery 'weather as I too found out last year Anne. It is good to hear you survived the rains. So glad you got to Loch Garten too. A nice set up they have for visitors although there is no way any one can get close to the actual nest. At least that is what they assured me. They weren't going to disclose the where abouts of other nests locally either. ;-)
Guess I looked and sounded too foreign, lol.
I hope you have better luck Anne.
Madeline 06/05/07 02:17 am Hi Anne, sorry to hear the weather didn't cooperate with your birding trip. The weather sounded horrible with cold blistery rains and hail storms too. Good thing Keith only managed to hurt his prided, instead of having him rollen, rollen rollem down by the riverside. But, he might of enjoyed the experience, something just out of the ordennary bring back as new reasom .

Ooooooh I have to got to bed, I'm falling asleep after every rordand I get a crick in my hand andthrow the mouse around th f=desktop. Nite-Nite Sleep Tight and don't let The Bedbuggs bite (-(

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