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Thread subject: Peaceful Sunday Afternoon
Name Date Message
Betty R 06/03/07 12:23 pm How nice to see Mum and Dad sitting together on the nest, just enjoying the afternoon. The hatchlings are all tucked in safe and sound...beautiful site.
Tiger 06/03/07 06:02 pm Welcome to the forum Betty.
Betty R 06/03/07 06:43 pm Thanks You Tiger, I sure am enjoying watching theses beautiful Ospreys. I only started watching last season towards the end, when Flag was the only hatchling remaining, the other two had flown the coup. It is all very enjoyable. Thanks again for your Welcome.
Marie 06/03/07 07:33 pm Welcome Betty........keep posting.
Walter 06/03/07 09:33 pm Welcome Betty. Glad that you are on board.
Betty R 06/03/07 09:43 pm Thanks to Marie and Walter for your Warm Welcome, I will do my best to keep the postings
coming...Thanks again.
Walter 06/03/07 10:03 pm Betty, Try not to rustle any feathers.
Betty R 06/03/07 10:14 pm Walter, there will be no feather rustling around here.
martyc35 06/04/07 12:42 am Hi Betty. I guess you are aware that you share a first name with our lady of the DPOF nest, a hot momma if there ever was one!
Prediction: you will ruffle, if not rustle, some feathers, but don't let it upset you, as it's a fate you can't escape on this board. Welcome to the wild bunch!
DaisyG 06/04/07 06:06 am Hi and welcome Betty. Pleased to meet you.
Shelley 06/04/07 06:25 am Welcome, Betty. As for the feathers, you've come to the right place. We are known as The Featherheads around here, so ruffle away!
Betty R 06/04/07 08:11 am Marty, I will take that as a compliment, and I will even try not to rustle or ruffle any feathers, but if that should happen I will not take it too seriously.
You all seem like a great group.
Betty R 06/04/07 08:13 am DaisyG, Thanks for your warm welcome, I am sure I will enjoy this group. As they say, Birds of a feather, flock together..
Betty R 06/04/07 08:20 am Shelly, Thank you for your welcome. I think I would rather be in a group of Featherheads , as apposed to Eggheads..speaking of eggs, I wonder if that third egg will ever you think Betty will eventually get rid of the third egg if it doesn't hatch.
Hopefully it won't just explode on its own, what a mess she will have to clean up
Anne 06/04/07 09:51 am It does not bear thinking about Betty! And welcome from me too!
Betty R 06/04/07 11:46 am Anne, Thanks for the Welcome, and you are right, think Positive thoughts only...

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