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Thread subject: TimP, where are you?
Name Date Message
Trishrg 06/03/07 02:19 pm Anyone seen Tim? I tried his webpage, and it's not there.
I enjoy his photography so much, and check in once in a while, and his page is gone.
sami 06/03/07 03:45 pm I've been wondering about that, too.
RonS 06/03/07 03:54 pm I believe that in prior threads Tim said he was having a bit of a problem with his site providers.
sami 06/03/07 04:46 pm Thanks RonS for letting us know :-)
Melanie 06/03/07 06:51 pm He switched to a Mac and his provider was Verizon. He found he could no longer upload to his website anymore because you have to use proprietary Verizon sitebuilder software and they not only don't speak Mac but have no intention to do so in the future - which was just one more reason why I dropped them. Sounds like he's doing the same.
cathy 06/04/07 11:44 am Tim - I miss your reality checks.
Mickey 06/04/07 12:23 pm for switching to a mac his punishment should be a life time ban :)
JudyB 06/04/07 01:27 pm You do have to create your site using Verizon's very strange software - but once it's created you can replace the nifty prebuilt site with the balloons and dancing clowns with your own site. I admit I do my web design on my PC, but I use a standard FTP program to export it. The Mac program they (Verizon) recommend for FTP sounds a bit more complicated than the one I use - but it seems possible.

Sitebuilder is all web based, so the type of computer you use shouldn't matter. What you probably can't do is have a hybrid half-Sitebuilder/half-personally designed site. I'm not really sure if you can do that with a PC either - but I'm not sure he'd really want that.

I'm not a big fan of Verizon - at the time I signed up, it was the only high-speed game in town, and it works well enough that I'm too lazy to change (and gives me a lot more web space for about the same amount of money than my husband gets from the warm and fuzzy local ISP which now also offers DSL).

I'm a bit reluctant to put my e-mail here, but I'm happy to try to help if Tim is interested. Ah - ha - I could use the e-mail that's not my primary e-mail. JBWebDesign at Tim will know the rest. (And anyone else can figure it out easily enough - but it's harder for the spammers to grab.)
cathy 06/04/07 01:33 pm Risking feather ruffling..... HERE
Mickey 06/04/07 02:56 pm those are some of the funniest commercials on TV lately Cathy :)
Melanie 06/04/07 05:00 pm AND those commericals are not only funny, but they are true!

When I asked if I could build my site with Dreamweaver and FTP it to their server I was told I couldn't, that the only way to do a website was with their PC-only Sitebuilder and if I didn't like it I could go to Comcast. So I did.

Plus their DSL slowed down to the point where my dialup used to be faster most of the time. So I went to cable and am a happy camper.

Macs don't crash
Macs don't get viruses
Macs don't have an arcane bios to screw around with
Even my computer geek PhD brother-in-law who chairs a university computer sciences department has made the switch to Macs
Macs RULE!!!!! - PC's just don't know it yet. (duck)

Yeah, yeah, yeah - there's nothing worse than a true believer!
JudyB 06/04/07 06:30 pm I like Macs - and there are some programs that I need to use that don't run on them. I built the new eagle/osprey part of my website in Dreamweaver (on a PC - but the HTML is the same) and FTP'd it to my Verizon web site - result is here. (I'd planned to wait until I had more osprey data before posting it here - that section will become more like the eagle section when I get a free moment or two).

It's possible that something's changed - but this page makes it sound as if you can still use a Mac. I haven't used Sitebuilder in a while, but as I remember it you picked a background, filled in some inane fields with names like "my title goes here" and "picture of my pet goes here" and clicked "build my site". All that was done over the internet, so platform shouldn't have mattered (note - I'm not saying you're wrong, Melanie, only that my experience was different).

I then used by FTP client to see what they'd named my homepage and changed my real homepage to have that name and overwrote theirs (actually, I saved theirs with another name in case I'd missed something, and then deleted it and all the cute helper pages once I was sure my site was functioning properly).

It is true that you can't create a site on Verizon with anything but Sitebuilder - but once it's built, you can maintain it (including completely replacing all the content except one very strange file I didn't dare delete) with whatever you want. Or at least that's been my experience. Worse case scenario - maybe you do need to create the initial page from a friend's PC - but after that, I can't see that it matters.

My DSL is fast - but there are some DLLs they installed that hang up my computer, and they did manage to delete my website - not once but twice. (Fortunately I keep backups on my computer.) They blocked my e-mail with the code to unlock a program I'd bought because it was from a company based in Europe. And my friends in Australia can't see my website - either because Verizon is not allowing viewers from outside the Western hemisphere or because Australia is blocking Verizon for bad manners. I'm not a supporter of Verizon. But there should be a fix for this problem.
cathy 06/04/07 09:32 pm Judy - your website is so interesting. How nice you have aggregated all those web cams and put the data in tables. It looks like there is a lot to learn from these. It is more than just casual watching. You are a serious web cam watcher! I hope you will make your site more obvious to the rest of the message boarders who don't just click on the link in this long post! I almost missed it.

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