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Thread subject: The nest
Name Date Message
Shelley 06/03/07 04:20 pm Am I hallucinating or did the nest suddenly sprout a meadow of purple flowers??! Maybe it's the light, maybe the fuzziness of the cam today but suddenly, I am seeing what looks like a bunch of little purple flowers everywhere! I just refreshed and I still see them.

I'm going to clean my glasses.....
Pam 06/03/07 04:23 pm You really should leave those magic mushrooms alone purple flowers :) :) :)
martyc35 06/03/07 04:43 pm That reminds me, I need to go shopping for some impatiens to liven up a shady bed out front.
Mickey 06/03/07 06:15 pm yesterday a heart attack...
today purple flowers...
Please get the dosages adjusted !

Melanie 06/03/07 06:54 pm That's alright - I just tuned in and saw green ospreys wearing foliage camaflouge. Remember that movie Predator?
Mickey 06/03/07 07:06 pm Mel.......thats St Pattys Day :)
Is everyone drinking today?
If so I will start :)
Shelley 06/03/07 07:09 pm Ohhhh, I sooo need a vacation!!!

And where's the big stick? Please don't tell me it's right in front of my eyes!!
Marie 06/03/07 07:32 pm Shelley, that big stick seems to be right in front of Betty's eyes. ;-)

I see it but not those lovely purple flowers you spoke of.
june 06/03/07 07:34 pm Isn't it nice to be talking of purple flowers, green ospreys and big sticks instead of "Where's Dennis?" and who is attacking Betty. I love this message board. You guys are all so funny.
Marie 06/03/07 07:41 pm ;-)
Perhaps we don't mean to be so just happens June.
Mickey 06/03/07 08:30 pm Its all fun and games till somebody loses a eye !
Cecilia 06/03/07 10:41 pm Mickey :-)... "till someone loses an eye" ? What in the world does that refer to?

This whole thread had me laughing so hard my husband said "What are you watching?" Priceless group!
lynn 06/03/07 11:59 pm I concur, this is one wild thread! LOL Just what we need every so often! I reread the whole thread and laugh out loud again.

BTW Shelley at one time this after noon, when the light was just wrong, and the cam ever so slightly fuzzy and everything came into unperfect alignment I saw what could have been purple flowers?!

Sorry if I sound a bit dippy there but, A Rod just scored a Home Run in the pouring rain and I got excited!!! :-)))

Madeline 06/04/07 02:46 am LOL....Mickey! What Mickey is referring to in was a study report done in the work place, when employies get just a bit too bored and start shooting bubber bands at fellow workers, and it has been known to cause injuries when they get shot in the eyes. Hey, It was all fun and games, What's the Big Deal? Just wear an eye patch instead of of your on Beauufyk :-) And that's how you could poke out somebodt's eye, THEE END
Shelley 06/04/07 06:23 am You see? You see!!! 2 out of 10 people (in this thread, anyhow) are not crazy, after all!!

You won't need to worry about us until we begin to read the speech bubbles appearing above their heads.....

JudyB 06/04/07 09:19 am "Til someone loses an eye" could also refer to the nautical song "It's All Part of Being a Pirate" or "You Can't Be a Pirate with All of your Parts" or something like that - unfortunately can't remember who wrote it, but my husband's chantey group sings it and it's a great hit with a certain age group as there's a whole litany of missing parts that they act out (post Halloween sales are such a wonderful source of spare body parts! LOL). Here's a pic - click - though it doesn't show the bouncing eyeball, fake ear or spare arm. :~)
Melanie 06/04/07 09:36 am I grew up hearing that saying - I think it was one of those things that was concocted for when my cousin and I were in the grips of the sillies and couldn't stop.

I gave up on the game at 11:30 - it was still tied and I had to be bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning. And no, I am not a Yankee fan.
pccompton 06/04/07 10:26 am Losing an eye - I thought Mickey was talking about "A Christmas Story" :)
cathy 06/04/07 11:43 am Please get your dosages adjusted! I'll have to remember that one.
lynn 06/04/07 08:16 pm Hi Melanie, since I'm a night owl it was easy to keep an ear tuned to living room. I'm a dyed in wool Yankee fan as are my two daughters, however my son-in-law is a Mets fan, so that gets to be fun at times! :-)

pcccompton- "A Christmas story" was the first thing that came to mind regarding the infamous eye glasses episode! LOL


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