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Thread subject: Guestbook Map
Name Date Message
TomT 06/03/07 08:10 pm The Guest Book map has been updated (finally) and it has been moved to a Google interactive map with panning and zooming. Please take a look at it.
Tiger 06/03/07 08:17 pm Oh great news. I been looking forward to that. Thanks a lot.
Trishrg 06/03/07 09:28 pm Wow, you did a great job, and I love the google maps zoom in and out and all about. Thanks so much. That is very cool, and I appreciate you taking so much time doing this.
cathy 06/03/07 10:53 pm It looks great! I'm sure there are many others who have not signed the guest book. I am a mobile watcher - I watch it on my laptop whereever I go..
lynn 06/04/07 12:16 am Tom T, thanks, love the map and zoom feature!! :-) It's great to see how far and wide this site reaches.

sami 06/04/07 12:40 am Fantastic :-)
ThankUTomT et al
Madeline 06/04/07 01:58 am Thanks Tom T, we appreciate the fantastic job you did with the map. Now we can get the Big Picture of the where abouts fellow featherheads reside :-)
DaisyG 06/04/07 06:15 am Fantastic TomT. Thank you!
Pam 06/04/07 07:27 am Very interesting Tom. There are a lot of Osprey-watching "lurkers" out there who never post obs or messages.
FOB Webmaster 06/04/07 10:02 am Tom: A technical question. How did you export the Google map to your own website?

I have a Google MyMaps of Blackwater Refuge, but I want to export it to my own web page. I've been trying to figure out the best way to do that.

It has overlays and placemarkers -- so it's not just a map. I need to export the KML file and embed it in the web page, but it's the embedding part I'm not sure about.
Marie 06/04/07 06:48 pm great update Tom, but I feel very neglected......... ;-(
How could you forget little me, who has been messaging for three years on DPOF. I live in one of the best places in the world on the west coast of Canada.
Victoria, British Columbia to be exact, which is the Capital city of British Columbia. Victoria is situated on Vancouver Island which is a huge Island, north of Seattle. Pam can attest to how great this part of the world is.;-)
TomT 06/04/07 07:08 pm To answer the technical question, the web page was created using the Google Maps API through javascript. The only condition is that the web page has to be registered with Google (an API key is required in the file). KML is supported by the API. The KML file is read into a GGeoXml object and then displayed as an overlay on the map.
TomT 06/04/07 07:25 pm Marie,

Victoria, British Columbia is in the file and rendered as a red marker since the entry is from 2004. If I blow up the map enough I see the marker on something called Langham Court off of Rockland Ave which appears to be in a residential area East of the business district. The latitude and longitude used for the markers are only entered to 2 decimal places from a search of the city in Google Maps. If you have more accurate numbers you would like me to use, please let me know.
FOB Webmaster 06/04/07 08:43 pm Thanks, Tom. I got my API key and found the Google Maps API documentation. I'll give it a go.
Marie 06/05/07 01:34 am ;-)

Big thanks Tom.
Guess I didn't know how to use the map properly. Some of us aren't as savy as others here. ;-)
Rockland Ave, by the way, is not too far from me so am very happy to see this area on the map. You couldn't be closer .
Many thanks.
TomT 06/05/07 06:12 am FOB Webmaster: good luck.

Marie: you are welcome.

Matt 06/05/07 10:36 am You'd think at least someone from the north pole would visit the cam.

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