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Thread subject: Photos of Today's Intruder Attacks
Name Date Message
Cecilia 06/14/07 07:51 pm I put together 15 photos of what went on in the nest this morning. It is very clearly Dennis standing on both Betty and the chicks at various the heat of his defending I don't think he had the time to be discerning about his position. He used Betty several times to land on and to take off from and he landed on a chick at least once. None of them seem any worse for the wear. May tomorrow be a calm day!

The photos are in the album titled June 14th Attacks:

terryo 06/14/07 08:01 pm Tks for the photos Cec, it helped fill me in on the days activities. Never a dull moment this year.
Celeste 06/14/07 08:10 pm Thanks Cec for keeping calm enough to keep taking was not easy to watch today for sure.
Shelley 06/14/07 08:14 pm Thanks, Cec. I see what everyone means by Betty's freezing. It must have been very difficult to watch. We learn something new every day, don't we?
martyc35 06/14/07 08:19 pm Thanks, Cecilia. You really caught the tension.
Pamela 06/14/07 08:25 pm Knowing the day turned out better than it started, I could really look at the photos with a clear mind. Many thanks for posting them Cecilia.

It seems that the branch or clump of grass at noon may have happened during the ups and downs of many talons coming and going.
cathy 06/14/07 11:24 pm Thanks for the captures of the interesting day. I still wonder who those intruders are. I thought it was interesting how Dennis crouched low, following them with his rapt attention and then sprung up - sometimes just a little jump. Yet I didn't actually see any intruders in the web cam nest view. Could be because it is so zoomed in now, and last time there were intruders, it was zoomed out.
Madeline 06/15/07 01:00 am Thanks Cec for taking those pictures of the intruder attacks, or really, Dennis defending his family. At least all was calm when I checked out the obs board.
Marie 06/15/07 01:24 am I was glad I had to go to the dentist when I did this morning as this activity in the nest was very distressing to watch.
Thank you Cec for sharing your captures. I think I saw much of this.
Hoping for a serene day on L I tomorrow
Pam 06/15/07 06:13 am A good record of yet another little drama in the lives of the DPOF family. Thanks for taking the time to post these captures for all of us Cec. A picture is worth a thousand words.

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