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Thread subject: Cheering for the Osprey
Name Date Message
cathy 06/14/07 11:34 pm When I came home this evening and looked out at Puget Sound, there was an osprey flying near the beach back and forth, hovering sometimes. It turned itself into the W shape and fell like a dart toward the water, but pulled up. (I can't see the water where it hits - houses are in the way). My husband and I watched it circle and fly back and forth. The sun was setting behind the Olympic mountains. We were hoping the osprey would be successful before nightfall. A couple of crows flew out and buzzed it as it patrolled, but the crows didn't really seem to have their hearts into harassing it. Finally, it turned into a falling W again and was down for a few long seconds. The we cheered as it pulled up above the rooftops dangling a fish. It flew off toward a tree where we had seen it perched in past years - out of sight of our house. Now if it can protect its catch from a hungry eagle... Watching an osprey fish makes one realize just how amazing and specialized they are, and how tenuous their ability to catch fish is - everything has to be just right for a meal to be caught. It takes such diligence and skill. They are a pleasure to watch.
elaine 06/15/07 12:05 am What a beautiful sight, Cathy. Truly, it's amazing what the osprey can do. It's an astonishing feat of survival!
Madeline 06/15/07 01:13 am Good for you Cathy; it is so exciting to watch osprey dive. Just seeing an osprey sitting on a nest, or flying overhead is a thrill ;-)
Marie 06/15/07 01:21 am Sadly my life here in Victoria is without my Ospreys this year............that must have been so wonderful to see Cathy. I could almost hear you and John cheer.
Still, this year I have to be content with watching four eagles nest with two young in each. Doesn't take the place of those noble and noisy ospreys though. ;-)
Celeste 06/15/07 04:59 am Each and every time I am fortunate to witness an osprey fishing and catching, it is as exciting as it was the very first time. My appreciation for their daily challenges to survive with all that we observe on this site; and when I am able to observe "live", only increases my admiration for this special bird.
Pam 06/15/07 06:01 am Thank you for sharing those wonderful moments with all of us Cathy.
cathy 06/15/07 09:50 am Marie - no ospreys? What happened?
Marie 06/15/07 11:40 am Well Cathy, one pair never made it back from their winter migration. That was the nest I took you too up at one of the ball parks......
The other nest only the male returned as his female was killed by a predator.........she ended up at the rehab center but had to be euthanized as she was paralyzed last year. He came back as I saw him.........but obviously he was copulating with someone elses female when I last saw him. A pair has built a nest up on a Cell tower but it is so high one can't see anything, and another pair is up at the university grounds on the ball park lights, but again this nest is so high one can't see a whole lot. Someone else monitors those two .
Different kind of year for many birds it seems.
Cathy you just have to find that nest that must be close to where you live......check all the local ball fields. Lol
Cecilia 06/15/07 01:06 pm lucky you are to live where you can see Ospreys flying by your living room windows!!!
Kathi 06/16/07 07:31 am we have a nest on a cell phone tower up here in the u.p. we drive up the hill several times a week to see what's goin on but.. well.. all you can see are birds landing & taking off-hoping they arent bothered by anyone-human or otherwise.
i hesitate to tell the locals about it because it'd bring a lot of traffic to the area. there's a fine line between educating people and opening up a nest for something bad to possibly happen.. [people are so cruel sometimes]

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