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Thread subject: Dramatic decline in many common USA birds
Name Date Message
Marie 06/15/07 01:42 am
I just had to post this as they show a picture of the Bob White, which is a bird I so often hear on the DPOF audio when watching the cam.
We don't have them here in Victoria, so it is nice to hear them on this cam site.
Celeste 06/15/07 04:53 am I recently read that titmice and chicadees were declining because of West Nile. Some of the birds on the list surprised me, particularly the grackle. I must admit I sometimes get a bit annoyed when they take over my feeders, but now I will not be anymore! I used to see a lot of titmice in my yard and haven't for a couple of years. Interesting also that the bobwhite is on the list, as I type this he is singing. A lesson to never take anything for granted that's for sure.
FOB Webmaster 06/15/07 07:19 am I've only seen one chickadee at my feeders at a time this spring. And only one titmouse. Very odd.

Lucy 06/15/07 07:28 am In central No Carolina, we live in a wooded area where there are lots of chickadees, titmice, bluebirds, jays cardinals, crows, hawks, wrens, grossbeaks, towhees and sparrows. Having siz feeders and a fish pond gives them inspiration to be fruitful and multiply. wWhat a priviledge it is to help, when so many habitats are declining. One favorite site is seeing 2 or more baby bluebirds on a fruit flavored suet square, spinning it around like blue helicopter wings, while mom waits in the tree besides them!
Kathi 06/15/07 08:48 am up here in da U.P. of Michigan i've noticed not so many grackles or starlings as last year-but we DID have a family of red-breasted nuthathches teaching the chicks to feed from the suet just yesterday. the parent would snatch some suet and hide it in the bark-and make the young go LOOK for it. all the while chittering and yakking and fluffing their feathers. [i am a music FREAK but there is NO man-made music to match those lovely sounds!] we DID however, have our first yellow-bellied sapsucker this spring [male only so far] but no orioles yet. many more blue jays than in the past tho. cant wait for my first cedar waxwing tho-i need to see the zsa zsa gabor bird at least ONCE!!
hehe.. Marie-i HEAR the bob whites up here but never see em..
Anne 06/15/07 09:57 am Here is another article in a similar vein, this time talking about American birds moving north because of climate change. HERE

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