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Thread subject: Impression of this year's nest so far
Name Date Message
Melanie 06/15/07 11:59 am Periods of boredom punctuated by sheer terror.
(chicks are more congenial and quiet than usual, plenty of food, and attacks).

And I do mean these chicks have been quiet - I haven't heard much in the way of chick chirps and I figure they should be doing some based on obs from past years. I guess I shouldn't look a gift osprey in the beak . . . this too shall pass, and all too soon.
Anne UK1 06/15/07 12:47 pm Maybe if they were less well fed, they'd be making more noise? I've not seen such a good supply of fish in the previous couple of years that I've been watching.
I'm just looking in now for the first time for a couple of days. Very glad I missed all the anxiety, but I notice a big difference in the chicks now. They really are starting to look quite grown up and the size difference isn't so noticeable to me now.
RonS 06/15/07 01:04 pm Could it be that as an observation group we're maturing? The first couple of years were thrilling just by virtue of the discoveries we made and the learning that took place. Everything was new and exceptional. The last couple of years, and this one in particular, were thrilling by virtue of the things that were truly out of the ordinary and beyond what we had come to expect. Cannibalism - intruder attacks - extended male absences
Hmmmm, maybe there are no rules, only exceptions.
Anne 06/15/07 01:18 pm Wise words, Ron.

Btw, according to the latest diary entry on the Loch Garten site, they have been having intruder trouble too - but not on the same scale as the DP nest.
Cecilia 06/15/07 01:18 pm "Periods of boredom punctuated by sheer terror"...that's also the definition of an Airline Pilots life in the cockpit :-)

These chicks have been very quiet. I've seen them chatter a little but you can barely hear them and the mic is working fine. Anne may be right...they don't have much to complain about so they haven't needed to get loud yet. If the fish deliveries drop off I expect we'll hear that change.

I just find this year so exceptional because of the off and on disturbances caused by other Ospreys. It makes me wary that we've not seen the last of these harassment episodes and that we may see more of this kind of behavior next year if the population is getting too big for the area (not enough nesting platforms or trees that would work for a nest.

On the good side is the fact that this is the first year that B & D only have two mouths to feed and that may mean we'll see far less aggression. I could use a little peace right now :-)
Madeline 06/15/07 03:15 pm Things do seem much more peaceful as far as the chicks are concerned with aggression. Maybe it is that there are ony 2 mouths to feed, plus the good size fish that are being brought in. Much larger than last years Koi fish. There's enough to feed the family of 4 on just 1 big fish.

The intruder problem does seem frequent, but not as vicious as it was when Betty was still brooding the eggs. Hopefully we will se no more of that happening. Actually, there appears to be a fly-by right now, and Dennis has flown off the nest probably to escort them out of the area. It sounds as though Dennis has landed on the cam [perch, and Betty continues to feed these hungry chicks;-)

Celeste 06/15/07 04:23 pm I also think that Betty and Dennis are more in sync...more mature and have the "knack" now for a successful nest. Its really distressing to see intruders interrupting the successful rhythm that this particular osprey couple have found and at times threatening the outcome of this nest.
Shelley 06/15/07 05:35 pm Makes me wonder, again, if the intruders are the young offspring from previous years, since they seem not to be getting the message that they won't be successful in their attempts to capture this particular nest. After those first 2 attacks when Betty was still brooding eggs, I thought that they had finally understood and moved on. Of course, we have no way of knowing if this latest one is coming from the same osprey as before, I realize that.

I also agree that B & D are mature and in sync and are very much a team, while these latest attacks have seemed milder (in comparison to the first) and hopefully, they *will* just move on

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