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Thread subject: Tragic News From Loch Garten
Name Date Message
Tiger 06/15/07 05:45 pm Although there is no official confirmation I have heard that the chick is dead. Apparently Henry accidently stood on it while trying to free himself from some fishing line.

Sorry I do not know any more details.

Still very relevant to our discussion just a few days ago.
FOB Webmaster 06/15/07 05:55 pm Any word if Henry got free of the line?
Tiger 06/15/07 06:09 pm Lisa here is a report.

No mention of whether Henry freed himself or not.

See Tragedy

FOB Webmaster 06/15/07 06:19 pm Thanks, Tiger. Hope Henry is okay.
cathleen 06/15/07 06:41 pm Oh no that is terrible - I hope Henry did free himself though and I hope the other eggs hatch soon... life is so fragile.
Shelley 06/15/07 06:43 pm Oh, this is so sad! First, to have this happen after all that has gone on in that nest, but also, the fact that he even became entangled in fishing line, is horrible! Once again, a reminder of how humans mess up nature.

Tiger 06/15/07 06:45 pm Blog has been updated and Henry is ok.

See Loch Garten Blog
martyc35 06/15/07 06:49 pm This is quoted directly from the diary at the nest site:
Fortunately, Henry did manage to free himself from the fishing line and did bring in a fish later in the day, so he is still able to support EJ and the other two potential chicks. It is sad to lose a chick and people were literally crying in the centre, however, we must try and keep a positive outlook - we still have two eggs and two potential chicks, these accidents are rare and should the other two chicks hatch there is no reason why we wont get two fledglings in 7 or 8 weeks time.

It is certainly very sad, but Henry seems to be okay, and the other two eggs seem to be safe, too. Think good thoughts.
FOB Webmaster 06/15/07 06:52 pm Glad Henry is all right. Bad enough to lose the chick, but it would have been devastating to have lost Henry too.
Tiger 06/15/07 07:04 pm This is such an almost exact replay of events in 1993. Except that on that occasion it was the adult female who died.



In 1993, a tragedy struck the Loch Garten osprey nest. Our regular male Ollie, delivered a fish to the nest to his eagerly awaiting family. As soon as he landed on the nest we knew something was wrong, for entwined around the fish was fishing line.

As we looked on helplessly, one of the two chicks, only a few weeks old, immediately became entangled in the line. The female, seeing there was a problem, moved closer to her chick but herself became entangled in the line. After several attempts to detach herself, she took off, fortunately for the chick, taking the fishing line with her. Her sacrifice for her chick was greater than we could ever imagine. She never returned that day. We know she would never have abandoned her
chicks at this stage, so we were left imagining the worst.

The loss of our female was a great shock to all at Loch Garten but this soon gave way to our greater concern for the chicks. We were left with a young male who, if the chicks were to survive, was now responsible not only for catching the fish but for taking over the female's role of feeding the fish to the chicks. Could he do it?

If he did accept the challenge, would the chicks survive alone on the nest while he was away fishing? What would we do if he abandoned them? All we could do was wait and hope for a

A miracle came, the morning after the female's disappearance, Ollie appeared with a fish and for the first time since his arrival in 1990 at Loch Garten, we saw him remove small bits of fish and cautiously feed them to the chicks. Ollie in fact became an expert in chick-feeding and despite all the odds, both of the chicks survived and on the 21st of July the first chick fledged, followed soon after by the second chick.
DaisyG 06/15/07 07:15 pm Oh what a strange season it's been for these two. Let's hope this story to end all stories somehow has a happy ending and Henry and EJ manage to fledge two healthy chicks.
Cecilia 06/15/07 07:25 pm What a year it seems to be in nests everywhere :-( I'm so glad to hear the Henry has managed to extricate himself form the fishing line (and pox on the idiot fisherperson who left it wherever)...and yes, it is still so good that there are two more eggs to hatch and hopefully thrive...but wow, as Ron said in another post, "maybe there are no rules...only exceptions".
Shelley 06/15/07 07:35 pm Wow, I just read the next entry, too, where the live fish tail, flapping, nearly cracked the 2 eggs in the nest! Yikes! And we thought DPOF was soap opera city!
Anne UK1 06/15/07 07:36 pm Well. I thought I'd just have a quick catch up before bed, but wish I hadn't now. This is such sad news - happiness really can be such a fleeting thing.
I'm wondering with this fishing line - if it comes with the fish is it a case of it having broken rather than being left lying around? You can educate people all you like, but if the line breaks I suppose there's nothing you can do about it.
I join everyone else in hoping the other two eggs hatch and the youngsters go on to fledge successfully. Poor Henry :(
Tiger 06/15/07 07:50 pm Here is the news on video. See News report
Cecilia 06/15/07 08:39 pm Tiger, I couldn't get the link to play. It said, "Connection to server could not be established". But what I love is that news of life in an Osprey nest makes it on the BBC in Scotland :-) Makes me want to go there!
Tiger 06/15/07 08:43 pm Cecilia your ISP may be blocking it. Sometimes it happens with BBC items.
Celeste 06/15/07 08:44 pm So very sorry to hear this news. I do hope that there will soon be two healthy chicks for this nest. Such highs and lows this osprey season has been. And those fishing Anne said if it breaks there's nothing one can do, but oh what a shame.
LorraineB 06/15/07 11:50 pm How sad. I'm glad Henry is ok and hopefully the remaining eggs will hatch.
Madeline 06/16/07 01:40 am What sad news this is, especially after celebrating the the arrival of a chick just yesturday. Life is strange and fragile,not to be taken for granted. I do hope the other 2 eggs hatch and survive.

It's amazing how the press makes it sound as though Henry is a mad killer bird of prey. I guess sensationalism is the way to sell papers and get the publics attention.
Marie 06/16/07 02:45 am That is sad Tiger, but so glad Henry is safe. Two more eggs to hatch which is the positive note on this sad day for Loch Garten.

I just hope that the fishing line has been removed and isn't around to cause more trouble.
LesG 06/16/07 03:35 am We can't believe what we are reading, after spending two weeks on Mull, and hearing about the chick hatching at Loch Garten, we decided to drive home the long way round and call at Loch Garten yesterday. We were told about Henry and the fishing line and was told that he had freed himself from it, we left about an hour before the reported incident thinking that everything was going well, - Henry had come in to the nest while we were there, and was flying well, he left the nest before we left. We are stunned this morning.
Celeste 06/16/07 05:40 am Knowing what it feels like to watch events via this site when things are scary, to see Henry and leaving knowing all is well, and then hearing about what happened must have been upsetting indeed. As Marie noted, thank goodness there is some postive things to look forward too and hope that this nest has completed it's drama for the season.
Tiger 06/16/07 06:28 am Celeste are you able to view the video which I posted above?
Celeste 06/16/07 06:46 am No I can't Tiger.
DaisyG 06/16/07 06:47 am Let me get this straight in my mind Les. Are you saying that they didn't tell you that Henry had trampled the chick whilst freeing himself from the line? Did you get a view of the chick whilst you were there? No wonder you are stunned.
Shelley 06/16/07 07:57 am I can't view the video, either, Tiger.
Tiger 06/16/07 08:34 am Maybe if you try playing it from the page. See News Item

The link is about half way down.
Pamela 06/16/07 08:56 am Your new site worked perfectly, Tiger. Everyone has expressed my sentiments over this tragedy beautifully; let us hope the weekend and following days bring nothing but calm and happy news.
Tiger 06/16/07 09:10 am Oh great Pamela. Hope it works for others too.
Marie 06/16/07 09:21 am Interestingly Tiger, they don't actually show the video where Henry is trying to untangle himself from the fishing line in the nest and the subsequent trampling of his little chick. They must have that video. Perhaps it is too tragic to show the 'world' of watchers.
Anne 06/16/07 09:52 am This is so so sad. Poor little chick and poor Henry and EJ. I am surprised that the chick was in the open nest though - it has been so cold up there that you'd think it would be snuggling under EJ with the eggs. Its also strange that they dident mention the trampling to Les - you'd think they would want people to try and see if the chick was OK.

Like Marie, I am worried about that fishing line. It is a potential death trap for all the birds.
cathy 06/16/07 10:40 am I was able to watch the video on the second link, but not the first. I'm sorry about the tragic end to the chick. It represents the plight of birds everywhere - so fragile.
LesG 06/16/07 12:28 pm At the time we were there, they were not aware of what had happened. EJ was sat in the nest and Henry came in, landed on the nest, didn't stay more than a minute or so, then flew off. All this was after the earlier arival of Henry with the fishing line, which was before we arrived. I don't think they were aware of what had happened during the time of Henry's struggle with the fishing line, all there attention was concentrated on Henry freeing himself. We spoke to the top two people while we were there, they didn't know at that time. Also it hasn't been cold up there recently, it has been part of the warmest part of the country along with the scottish west coast also the driest. Sandra my wife saw EJ get up from the nest and immediately go down again over the chick and eggs, so the chick was seen but only a few seconds during EJ's shuffle.
DaisyG 06/16/07 05:23 pm They must have looked at a rerun of the video later, when they realised the chick wasn't moving.
LesG 06/17/07 07:04 am Yes Daisy thats what we thought must have happened.

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