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Thread subject: Cec's Photos of the Banding Trip
Name Date Message
Cecilia 06/21/07 05:54 pm Can you stand any more? I had a few that Celeste & Melanie didn't get plus there are a few really cute ones of them and some of the other people that I couldn't resist posting.

They are in the album named "Osprey Banding 2007

Pam 06/21/07 06:12 pm I have been sitting here smiling continuously as I look at all the lovely photos - thank you.
Celeste 06/21/07 06:35 pm They make me smile too---all day! Great that you got the photo of the workers...and the bite on Greg's fingers. Happy Memories!
terryo 06/21/07 07:29 pm Great pix also Cecilia, does your hands still smell like fish:)? What an exciting trip, Greg is one knowledgeable man isn't he? Looks like u had perfect weather also.
Marie 06/21/07 07:53 pm Cecilia, you are so lucky...........thank you for sharing your special moment with us all. Every pic very much appreciated.
Shelley 06/21/07 08:49 pm Cec, you photos are fantastic!! Everyone's photos are wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing your dream day with us.
Cecilia 06/21/07 08:52 pm We did notice that they smelled more this year Terry but it wasn't that was just hard to wash off (oily I guess).

Greg was incredible... warm, knowledgeable and extremely patient. You should have seen him with the kids, it was very sweet. He loves to talk and we loved to hear what he had to say!

And I have many more good photos of my "flockmates"... Celeste, Melanie & Karen... I'll make them a CD so they will be immortalized :-)
RonS 06/21/07 09:56 pm Thanks to all of the Featherhead Flock for sharing your truly great adventure. It certainly fills out the picture we get from the cam.
LorraineB 06/21/07 10:27 pm Great photos! I hadn't seen the June 14th photos of Dennis defending his family. He's great!!
Tim P 06/21/07 11:35 pm Thank you Cecilia,Melanie & Celeste for posting all of the great photos from the trip. It sure looks like you had great weather and a better time. :)
DaisyG 06/22/07 04:54 am Wonderful pics Cecilia, thanks so much for sharing your trip.
Nancy L 06/22/07 09:18 am Tim said it for me - thanks all!
Kathy 06/22/07 09:51 am Thanks Ladies for sharing your photos and your wonderful trip!
pccompton 06/22/07 12:20 pm Great pics, Cec. Glad you got the finger bite one! It happened so quick!
Trishrg 06/22/07 12:29 pm Wow.
Everyone's photo's are just wonderful. The dialogue that goes along in other posts too. Your absence here was noticed also. I wondered what you all were up to. You sneaky sneakers.
Glad you all got to meet, and share such a memorable experience together, and thanks so much for sharing it with the rest of us.
Anne 06/22/07 05:30 pm Thanks Cec, these pictures are excellent, especially the last one with the 'flaming eyes' So glad you all had such a good time.
Madeline 06/23/07 04:30 pm Thanks Cec, it was nice to see everyone having a great time holding the chicks, I'm so jealous!

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