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Thread subject: Banding Trip Videos
Name Date Message
pccompton 06/22/07 12:16 pm I did 2 videos of our banding trip to Patuxent River Park in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. I'll post the link to the pictures on my blog too, as soon as I add captions!
Pam 06/22/07 12:49 pm I'm smiling again :) :) :)
Cecilia 06/22/07 01:02 pm Great job Paula...I'm always so impressed with your videos! I could hear that little chick better in your film than I could on Tuesday. And of course all of you can hear how excited we all were...yammering non-stop :-) Looking forward to your photos!
pccompton 06/22/07 01:46 pm Cec - yea, couldn't edit out all that yacking :) Did we sound just a wee bit excited :)
Kathy 06/22/07 02:39 pm Loved your videos! That little chick was so cute.
Anne 06/22/07 05:40 pm That is the icing on the cake - now we saw everything on film and we heard your voices too!

Btw, who is going to Botswana?
Melanie 06/22/07 05:58 pm This is as bad as crack cocaine!! (or so I'm told) ;-p
Celeste 06/22/07 06:07 pm Oh Paula absolutely thrilling. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Fantastic job. Yes you can tell how excited we were, and still are. Wish we were going back next week and having lunch together also!!!!
cathy 06/22/07 08:11 pm It was so great to see you all there - was that our favorite FOB Webmaster herself? How fabulous to be so close to those chicks.
Melanie 06/22/07 08:26 pm That was indeed our Lisa.
Cecilia 06/22/07 09:22 pm The woman going to Botswana was from a raptor rescue group that Lisa has some connection with...I didn't catch the name.
Shelley 06/23/07 01:03 am I just spent the evening with friends who just got back from Botswana! They did some wonderful and exciting excursions to see wildlife and birds! Brought me back a cool tea towel (which I may just hang up near my computer!) of African Birds!

By the way, thank you, Paula, for the video clips. Absolutely fantastic!
lynn 06/23/07 01:06 am The video was outstanding in its clarity, and such a treat to see how big these guys, baby osprey chicks when seen in the hand.

Thank you so much pccompton , for puting the link here for us all to see. :-))

Madeline 06/23/07 02:18 am Thank you so very much Paula for the wonderful videos of that so very cute little chick cheep-cheep-cheeping.

Seeing and hearing all of you talking was a treat and, a great get to know your Featherheads.

Karen, we have something in common.... a May 12th, 2007 Wedding, the brides gown was absolutely gorgeous, and the groom very handsome. Good luck to them, now and always.
My Son got married on the same day, May 12th, 2007, and it looksd as though they had their service outside too. You looked so pretty in it . Good luck with your new daughter-in-lawand my you find peace as a big happy family.
DaisyG 06/23/07 05:32 am Those are brilliant, thanks for sharing Paula.
Trishrg 06/23/07 09:36 am Yay. And ditto all said above.
Thanks Paula.
Anne 06/23/07 10:28 am Its a pity that it is not one of our group going to Botswana. I know someone who has just returned and it looks an amazing place. But she is an animal addict and dident take many pictures of birds!!!!
martyc35 06/23/07 04:32 pm Thanks much, PC.Great videos, and it certainly sounds like you all had a great time,
Madeline 06/23/07 04:36 pm Oh, what a mistake I've made with your name Paula. I don't know why I wrote Karen's name instead of yours when I posted about the weddings of your son and mine being on the same date.. I still ment every thing I said, just switch names:-)

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