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Thread subject: Update on Eastern Bluebird Nest!
Name Date Message
Fire_cat911 06/22/07 02:56 pm Happy birthday to the chicks! There now 14 days old (or 2 weeks). Im so thrilled they survived to this point. I cant take any pics of them but this is just an example of what they look like,

and a whole sequence

They fledge around 20 days. Holly (the mom) is really on a role with feeding them. Theres atleast 2 but I cant see in the box that good. There could be up to 3. Theyve come a long way. By the chirping I would guess that theres 3.
Nancy L 06/22/07 08:00 pm Isn't that great?!! It's such fun to watch the parents going back & forth to the nest feeding them. I have a birdhouse with a family & those chicks are grabbing the food from the entry-way now!
Fire_cat911 06/22/07 10:23 pm Yup I got a flashlight today to peek in and saw 3! and theres atleast 1 male! Im gonna stop bothering them to prevent early fledging ;)
june 06/23/07 08:46 am Where is the Blue Bird nest located. General location only. It would be so nice to see our state bird make a come back. I've only seen 1. And that was in Hershey, PA. Such a pretty bird.
Fire_cat911 06/23/07 09:17 am We live in NC,
When we moved from Flordia the bird house was already here in our backyard along with a bird bath. Last year we saw a male bluebird but no female and they didnt have eggs. This summer is our last in NC (were moving to FL in Febuary) so this is our last time seeing this nest in action and Im glad I did =)
Marie 06/23/07 09:30 am Blue birds are the birds of happiness...............I hope you have plenty in your new home.

Lovely pics from inside the nest box.
Another new family on the wing.

Thanks for sharing.;-)
june 06/23/07 09:40 am Great photos. I'm glad I didn't know sooner about the runt. Our osprey nest and the Loch gave us enough anxiety to last for a long time.
Celeste 06/23/07 06:47 pm A perfect happy ending! Thanks for sharing also!.
Shelley 06/23/07 08:53 pm Thanks, Frie_cat. What a terrific bluebird site! Great info
Madeline 06/24/07 12:20 am Thanks for sharing Fire_cat. Lots of info on the bluebird site. Good lucki with the nestlings and soon to be fledglings;-)
lynn 06/24/07 02:07 am Thanks for sharing the wonderful pics of the egg to runt fledging. Once again a great learning experience for me, learning abour Blue Birds! This a real treat as even though I live in NY and the Blue Bird is NYs state bird I've never seen one.

Fire_cat911 06/24/07 09:42 am Thanks everyone!

Im glad that I could share this experience with you. Im glad the site helped, they should be fledging any day now!

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