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Thread subject: American Robin Video
Name Date Message
Anne 06/23/07 10:43 am I came across this - its the story of an American Robin nest. HERE
Celeste 06/23/07 06:46 pm Great video Anne. Particularly interesting for me as this year for whatever reasons, we have a lot of robins in my neighborhood. The other day my husband found some broken blue there must be a nest somewhere and I see from the video the parent removes the broken eggs. Thanks!
Shelley 06/23/07 09:26 pm I loved it! Cool to see them remove the eggshells from the nest and to see both parents feed the chicks and each other. And wow, is it ever cramped in that nest as they grow!
Thanks, Anne
lynn 06/24/07 01:50 am Anne, thanks so much for the Robin video.How great is it to watch from egg to fledging in ten minutes!! :-))

The adult cleaning out the shells was something I'd never known they do, among many other things learned. I can't wait to show my grandaughter next time she comes over. (She's my budding birder!! LOL)

Anne 06/24/07 07:55 am They are such lovely birds - bigger than our robins. I have seen one - it turned up on our east coast three winters ago.
It survived for a few weeks and was seen by hundreds of twitchers but was eventually taken by a Sparrowhawk.
cathy 06/24/07 11:14 am Just like watching the DPOF osprey nest, its such a privilege to be able to watch something that we usually can't see, but is happening all around us. I think many if not most of the robins' nests in our neighborhood are raided with chicks killed by crows, squirrels, starlings, stellar jays or racoons. I seem to hear and see angry and frightened robins at some point in the Spring, futilly chasing other birds away from their nests. I have been pleased to see some finch chicks with their parents and northern flicker chicks recently after fledging. Of course many house sparrows and crows are also fledging.
Anne 06/24/07 01:39 pm The American robin is a member of the thrush family isnt it. Our thrushes - Song, Mistle and Blackbird - all build small exposed nests like the American robin and they also get badly predated by corvids and squirrels. So they breed two or three times a year. But our Robin is a chat and builds its nest in denser cover or even in buildings and outhouses. Therefore they lose fewer chicks - and have less broods..
cathy 06/24/07 03:10 pm Yes - the American robin is a thrush. In the early Spring (like about February), they arrive from outside the city and are all over big lawns. They eat all the red berries from the shrubs. I have a large shub outside the kitchen window which is covered with flowers now and in the winter, it will be covered in red berries. Robins will eat every one in February. They also love earthworms. This time of year, they sing loudly in the mornings just before sunrise, which is about 6 am. They sing loudly from about 4:30 am. Its a wonderful, cheery sound. In the forests in Washington, there are "Varied Thrushes". These are very shy, but wildly colorful birds which also sing a beautiful song. This year, there have been two crow chicks dead in the street near our house, one today. One was hit by a car, but I don't know what it was doing in the street - usually they hang out in branches with great hubub from the parent crows who attack everything not crow. The one today did not seem to have any trauma, and the parents did not object to our standing over the dead chick. It was right beneath a tree where I believe a nest is. I wonder what happened to it.
Madeline 06/24/07 03:18 pm OOOH! Did that bring 10 minutes of pure joy to my heart and a huge smile accross my face. It's so funny watching the grown chicks pop out of the nest a feeding time, just like te circus when all the clowns pile out of that little car.

Thanks Anne, for sharing the happiness;-)
Marie 06/25/07 07:34 pm Hey, that was a great video of a day in a life of a robin family.
Difficult for the parents when those little ones get BIG........;-)
Thanks Anne.

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