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Thread subject: The Race Rocks June Album
Name Date Message
Pam 07/02/07 12:26 pm Well here we are in July already - hard to believe. The June album is HERE and the highlight for me was the early morning seagull swallowing a shark (well actually they call them Dogfish but they are in fact little sharks and this one certainly looked like one). It was about as long as the bird itself but it went down head first, still wriggling. Also there was a very unusual ship which has now put into Victoria for repairs. It is a launch vessel for rocketing commercial satellites into space and in fact one actually failed to launch and caused a fire in January, hence the repairs. Apart from that, some spectacular dawns, Oystercatcher chickpics and of course favourites, the Bald Eagles. Enjoy (when you have 10-15 mins to spare).
Marie 07/02/07 06:35 pm Another wonderful chapter in a day in the life of RR....thanks Pam.

I was out there one morning but didn't tell you I was going in that direction for the whales..........;-) . I never know before hand usually either. We seem to always head north and east to the San Juan Islands in search of Orcas these days instead of west to the RR area.

Thanks for sharing.........

Must catch me one of these days..............
lynn 07/02/07 11:15 pm Great more than 15 mins. of enjoyment Pam!! :-)) I almost feel like I'm visiting vicariously through your wonderful slide shows. Thanks once again.

Madeline 07/03/07 12:00 am That was a joy to look at, and of course the witty commentary. What a difference a month makes on Race Rocks compared to last months foul weather and not so chatty birds and seals....LOL

Thanks for sharing Pam :-)
martyc35 07/03/07 01:01 am Just stunning, as always, and always different, too. Thank you, Pam. The perfect pastime for me at the end of a long day.
DaisyG 07/03/07 01:36 am Lovely pics Pam, thanks.

Interesting to see the Sea Launch ship. I wouldn't like to be on board during a failed launch!
Celeste 07/03/07 05:09 am Always amazing Pam, Thank you...Imagine if one day you get a photo of Marie!
Pam 07/03/07 05:36 am Glad you enjoyed them. I did actually see a pod of orcas passing yesterday but the cam was very "sticky" and by the time I had zoomed in and once more got a "frozen" frame the orcas had moved on. The only way to keep track of them was by the long shot and even then it was tricky. I was disgusted at the behaviour of some of the boats - not the official WW boats I hasten to add, but the small pleasure boats one of which was actually driving over where the whales had submerged and you could tell it was going fast by the wake it left. I think whale-watching of the Northern pods is more respectful as a general rule and of course the area is not quite as busy with pleasure craft as around the Victoria and San Juan Islands area. Nevertheless it was wonderful to see the orcas pass by even at a distance and I would have missed it if it had not been raining yet again at Wimbledon LOL. I will add a couple of pics to the July album eventually.
Pam 07/03/07 06:01 am If anyone is interested in Sea Launch (Daisy?) there is a very good website at and if you go to Images they have videos of the launches. The photograph actually shows the command ship. The rocket launch actually takes place from a platform nearby, by which time the crew of the platform have moved to the command vessel. (Well...I think that's what happens....) I have to admit I had not heard of this company, which is part owned by Boeing, before but the boat just looked very unusual to me so having got the name on the photo I just researched it on the internet.
DaisyG 07/03/07 07:29 am Great, thanks Pam, you saved me a search. I'm sure they are geared up for safety but nevertheless...ooer!
Vicki in S. CA. 07/03/07 10:12 pm You have out done yourself this month Pam. The eagles, the babies, the sunrise and sunsets. Wonderful!
Anne 07/04/07 06:49 am I have just got round to this - fantastic. I just dont know how you do it - I never see things like ships on the site!
Pam 07/04/07 08:06 am Thanks for the feedback, nice to be appreciated. Anne, the photos each month represent hours and hours of viewing with not a lot happening. I'm such a persistent devil as my family well know and I hate to miss anything so if I am rewarded by catching sight of something unusual 2 minutes in 20 hours viewing then I am happy. It's sad isn't it? Another reward came yesterday when I spotted a really black bird which I thought at first was a Raven. On zooming in I saw it to be like a Gull but completely dark except for a light- ish bill, black/brown feathers, long tail, black legs and feet and very dark eyes. I think it was a Pomarine Jaeger dark morph (Sibley). Garry has put a short video I took on the website and you can see it here We are awaiting confirmation from an expert on identification but think we have it correct. You will think I am being disloyal to the DP website with all this but I assure you I am not. I love this website and spend a lot of time here but mostly rely on others to take still photos and also rely on the video highlights - no need for duplication.
Trishrg 07/04/07 11:59 am Fantastic June album Pam. Great addition of the new cams too.
So, no sign of wirebird last month? I was so expecting more of the ongoing wirebird pix.
Great job, and thanks for all your patience.
Anne 07/04/07 12:55 pm I am intrigued by that black bird Pam. If it was a Pomarine Skua, the dark plumage would indicate a juvenile but then its tail would be square-ended and it would have light grey legs. It just does not look big and brutish enough to be a Pom, the bill and the legs are not right. That guillemot would not have been so relaxed in its company either - they attack smaller birds. If you are in contact with the site administrators, would you ask them if they have considered a melanistic gull ? We had a melanistic common gull on our local res a while ago and it foxed everyone at first.
Pam 07/04/07 03:57 pm On further investigation we think the bird is most likely a Heermann's Gull Anne. Still being confirmed.
Anne 07/04/07 04:41 pm I've never heard of that one, but I felt sure it was not a skua.
Anne 07/04/07 05:17 pm I just looked that species up on the net and it should have a white head and speckled neck if its an adult. What does Marie think?
Pam 07/04/07 05:36 pm The young Heermann's are pretty well black/brown all over except for the bill which is kind of dull yellow and darker at the end. The adult Heermann's looks quite different with a red bill, lighter body feathers and white head as you say Anne. It is just the long tail feathers which are puzzling. As usual with gulls, they vary so much in plumage as they develop even the experts find it hard to identify at times.
Pam 07/04/07 06:10 pm I have put another video on Viddler. This was the first minute or two of viewing the bird and you can see it has quite long, divided tail feathers.

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