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Thread subject: Happy Indenendence Day
Name Date Message
Trishrg 07/04/07 08:28 am Happy 4th everyone. And happy 211 years to our country.

I hope all who celebrate have a safe holiday, safe fireworks practices if they are legal in your area, and a great time!

Mind the pets too. So many dogs run stray from being scared by the foolios who have to light small bombs for fun! Hopefully our chicks will take the distraction well as they have in past years. With no night cam this year..... They're on their own!

I will likely walk a block to see Disneyland fireworks tonight at 9:00. One small bonus to living in Anaheim!

A great holiday wish to all celebrating!

Shelley 07/04/07 08:35 am Happy 4th to all our American featherheads!
Trishrg 07/04/07 08:43 am Oh goodness, it doesn't let me edit the mispelled title! Independence I meant!!!
Pam 07/04/07 08:47 am Happy 4th July to all our American friends.
DaisyG 07/04/07 09:07 am Happy 4th to all you guys over there from me!
Anne 07/04/07 09:10 am The 4th of July - happy holiday to you all.

Great Greeting Card Daisy!
Celeste 07/04/07 10:00 am Happy Birthday USA, happy barbequing, safe driving, and hopefully the rain will stay away here on Long Island, till "after" the fireworks displays and parades!
cheryl 07/04/07 10:10 am Thank you for the card Daisy and I'll add my wishes to all for a safe and happy 4th.
I had a moment of reflection this morning as I saw my flag displayed in front of my house---I thought how truly precious freedom is and how now, as never before, freedom loving people, just everyday citizens, world-wide, are being attacked. I wanted to express my personal feelings of sympathy and empathy to UK citizens for the scary and terrible events of last week in London and Glasgow. And also to express my admiration of the police and the citizenry on how they all conduct themselves.
Long live the friendship between the US and the UK and may we always be there to support each other.
I just heard about the release of Alan Johnston. Wonderful news.
Lucy 07/04/07 10:48 am I second that notion Cheryl. What a journey and a history we've shared....
Pam 07/04/07 10:55 am Thank you for your kind message Cheryl and I second your thoughts on the USA/UK relationship. I have always had a deep affection for America that I have never felt for Europe and yes...we are going through a bad time again. Unfortunately the trust is gone and everyone is looked upon with suspicion and caution and rightly so. We have a great many problems in this UK right now. Didn't know about the release, must catch up with that news, which is so good to hear. Have a great day of celebration - you have so much to be proud about in your beautiful country.
Anne UK1 07/04/07 10:57 am Have a great day out there. And yes, very good news about Alan Johnston. Cause for an extra celebration. I wonder what the chicks will make of it all though!
DaisyG 07/04/07 11:11 am Thanks Anne and you're welcome Cheryl. Thanks for your heartfelt message too.

I'll drink to that. Long live friendship, support and freedom.

Great to hear about Alan Johnston's release, I have only just read about it.
Anne 07/04/07 12:28 pm Lovely sentiments Cheryl and I agree, freedom is indeed the most precious thing we share.

Those terrorists have all turned out to be in the medical profession which makes it even more despicable. Dont they make the Hippocratic Oath in other countries?
pccompton 07/04/07 03:55 pm Happy July 4th to all! Don't forget to say a prayer for our American Service Men who serve to defend us.
Celeste 07/04/07 04:49 pm Thank you Cheryl for putting into words what I have wanted to say to our neighbors across the miles ever since I heard about the high terror alert they have had to once again endure.
lynn 07/04/07 09:31 pm Cheryl, just wanted to add my thanks to you for your heartfelt thoughts for both the US and the UK!!

Daisy your beautiful Flag for our 4th of July was nothing short of wonderful and most appreciated by us all! :-))

As I sit here writing I hear fireworks from all directions, and as I look out any window I see beautiful displays from all over! Especially at this time, I can appreciate the freedoms we have and give thanks to all those who fought to save these freedoms.

To all you men and women who helped over the years to help safeguard our country, I give you my most HEARTFELT THANKS!!

Madeline 07/05/07 01:08 am That was so beautifully put Cheryl, it's exactly what I feel in my heart about the USA and the UK.

Daisy, loved your 4th of July Card, thanks.

Anne, I think the fact that the terrorists are physcians makes it much easier to pass on information since they're profession is respected. After all, who would expect your doctor to be a terrorist? Instead of taking the Hippocratic Oath, they took the Hypocrites Qath!

You're right Lyn, Thanks to all the men and women who have fought over the years to keep us safe, and to assure us FREEDOM
Marie 07/05/07 03:03 am I hope everyone had a great day and that everyone stayed safe..........what a beautiful card Daisy, and what lovely words Cheryl and Lynn.........
Celeste 07/05/07 05:32 am Oops Daisy, gosh my brain was not working well yesterday, thank you for the card...beautiful!
Lucy 07/05/07 04:26 pm Wow => these sentiments reflect the most noble qualities in our species. The capacity for great care and concern for all living creatures. Thank you. I sometimes forget.

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