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Thread subject: Head markings on chicks
Name Date Message
lynn 07/16/07 07:28 pm Has anyone else noticed the slight difference in the hula dancer markings on the chicks? It appears that one has a thicker mid-section and a fuller "skirt". Number two has a slimmer mid-section and more refined "skirt", and it's arms are more slender facing upward.

Are my glasses in need of a good cleaning or has someone else noticed this appearance also?!

Anne UK1 07/17/07 03:09 am You're doing better than me Lynn. A few weeks ago I could see one's markings were thicker than the other's, but now I really struggle to tell the difference at all. I think your glasses are cleaner than mine :)
DaisyG 07/17/07 06:45 am Yes that's one of the ways we can tell them apart Lyn.

Here is a capture which compares the two markings. A few of us agreed a little while ago that it was Dos that had the finer hula girl marking.

The relevant threads are here and here but it's still difficult at times.

Anne 07/17/07 06:53 am I am also finding it increasingly difficult to tell them apart now. The head markings have thickened - but one is still finer than the other.

Even Betty looks slightly different than she did in early Spring. I notice every year that her dark markings increase in size and intensity.
cathleen 07/17/07 08:31 am Yes, Dos still has the finer hula markings and generally more white on the head. For some reason at the correct angle, I also recognize Dos' right eyebrow to be the arched the same as when he/she was a chick. Uno has a thicker-waisted hula with a wider head and shorter arms that turn down at the elbow.

Dos now seems to me a hair larger than Uno. I suppose it is possible that Dos is a female. But I hesitate to project as it is impossible to conclude, especially with the camera angle, etc. creating illusions.

And I agree with Anne that Betty's markings look slightly different, darker.

The chicks are so tolerant of each other's physical proximity (heads together, head laying on the back of the other, often the tail or part of the wing touching or on top of the other) and so often seeming to choose proximity. They seem attuned with one another. I wonder if this will carry over into behavior with an eventual mate... ah, just my silly musings.

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