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Thread subject: Timber Point GC
Name Date Message
Madeline 07/17/07 01:48 am I went down to Timber Point GC today to check out the 2 nests and see if any of the chicks have fledged yet. So far both chicks at the west boat ramp haven't, but they were doing lots of flapping, and even had a fish delivered to them by dad. It was just a drop-off and fro what I could see, one of the chicks jumped right on it with no intention of sharing it with it's sibling. I then over to the east boat ramp where the new nest, just put up this year, right on the elevated tee box of the 2nd hole. By this time it was about 6:45pm and there weren't any golfers on the tee, and a man and woman were just sitting on the bench enjoying the view of the Great South Bay and the osprey nest. I was looking at the nest through my binoculars, watching the female flying around the nest and calling out every time she passed over me, and then decided to land back on the nest with her chick. The 2 people had asked me if I was shooting pictures, or were they just binoculars, either way they did give you a good show.I offered the binoculars to them so they too could share in the enjoynment I felt. When I mentioned that one bird was a chick, they wanted to know if they could see it, I said you are seeinf itm, it's her one to the right side of the nest, They couldn't seem to grasp that the big bird with the check board, white and brown was indead a real chick., and the reason for this fast groath wa to prepared them for the long 14,000 mile trip to Venezsuela in September, and that's why they have to grow so fast. They were grateful for the information, amd I wrent on my happy was, knowing I have sparked their imiganation for our beautiful osprey.
Pam 07/17/07 05:42 am What a nice experience for you Madeline. Those people will go home and talk about that now for sure and you have most likely inspired them to look more closely at nature and learn a little more too. Oh! to sit on a golf course looking at the sea and the Ospreys - what could be more delightful.
june 07/17/07 06:17 am Thanks to this site and the wonderful people who contribute to it, I have also been able to inform other people about the osprey, their habits and almost early demise. I can also tell them about Mr. Puleston and his work to preserve these magnificent birds.

It's a great feeling to be able to do so.
Celeste 07/17/07 06:19 am Thanks Madeline...Yes, I have found myself offering Osprey 101 to people when they see me with a pair of binoculars looking at a nest and wondering what I am looking at. Sometimes I think to myself as they walk away what they must be really thinking about this featherhead they just listened too!:-)
Anne 07/17/07 07:27 am Thats great Madeline, to share nature with others is one of the things we can do to open people's eyes. I always let people look through my scope and their reaction is usually one of amazement. Some bird watchers dont do it because of fear of eye infection, but I do.

Btw, did you mean 4,000 miles to Venezsuela?
Madeline 07/17/07 07:03 pm LOL....Anne. I did mean 4,000 mileds. No wonder they were impressed the info.

I really shouldn't take my sleeping pill before I sart reading and writing on the message board. Talk about dislexia. ;-)
Kathi 07/18/07 08:15 am i, too, try to educate people when they express an interest in what i'm peering at thru my field glasses.. it's really something to see the imagination being sparked when you let em look for themselves!! it really IS contagious and that can only help with the preservation of these magnificent birds!!
good for you Madeline!! 'once they Know, they can't stop knowing".. hopefully people will get 'hooked' the same way we all have!! this is the BEST place in the internet to begin MY day!! watching the birds..
BillH 07/18/07 08:47 am My wife and I went over to Timber Pt GC last night around 7PM and were very entertained by the following:

West nest (near SCPD Marine Division): Observed 2 chicks plus parents. Lots of hopping and flapping but no hovering! Parent brought a fish which was shared by both.

East nest (on top of golf course netting, near East marina) Observed 3 chicks plus two parents. Saw that 2 of the 3 chicks have fledged (couldn't confirm the 3rd), making somewhat shaky circular test flights. One chick flew out and, instead of returning to the nest, had a very shaky landing on top of the mast of a nearby sailboat. His problem was that the mast light fixture on top of the mast got in the way of his putting his feet down, so he bobbled for awhile trying to decide whether to straddle the light, put one foot on top of the light and the other on the mast (a very awkward position!), complicated by the fact that he couldn't see what he was doing ( bobbing back and forth in an effort to see his feet!).

A parent brought a fish which caused a ruckus of wing-flapping and threatening beak posturing amongst the chicks, until one of the chicks gained control by mantling over the fish to eat in relative peace.

This nest is very crowded!

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