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Thread subject: First flight
Name Date Message
Pam 07/17/07 12:00 pm Watching the enormous effort the chicks put into getting into the air off the nest - for now only at the hop, skip and jump stage - makes me think what a wonderful exhilarating feeling it must be when they finally lift off and catch a thermal which lifts them up effortlessly high into the sky. When they can soar for the first time with hardly a wing flap on the supporting drafts of air. Our chicks will hopefully be experiencing that feeling quite soon.
Anne 07/17/07 12:17 pm It must be a wonderful feeling. It wont be long now, in fact several times today I have thought this is going to be it. I now think that Dos will go first .
Celeste 07/17/07 03:31 pm Today I thought the same thing. Dos overnight made great strides in lifting today, and maybe he is a bit lighter in weight since he seems to get fed most of the time after Uno. Sometimes I wonder and hope for a twin fledgling caues their lifts are so similar, now wouldn't that be something!
DaisyG 07/17/07 05:58 pm Yes it would be amazing to have a twin fledge Celeste. I wonder how many times that has happened in the osprey world?
Marie 07/18/07 01:20 am these two seem to do most things together......I think they will probably lift off soon after each other.........;-)
LorraineB 07/18/07 07:18 am I thought for sure they were leaving this morning for their first flight. Excellent lift off but I guess they're just not secure enough to do it yet. Won't be long.
Kathi 07/18/07 08:08 am tuned in yesterday for a moment and felt like I could fly, too watching them. my husband and son went skydiving last week [first time] and I could imagine how they must have felt falling and then floating for 8 or 10 minutes-all alone up there with the clouds and the marsh hawks that were kettling. my stomach lurches every time their feet lift off the nest..[same way it lurched when my kid jumped from that plane] it's hard to go to work thinking i might miss the maiden voyage... fingers crossed they are safe once they DO fly!!
cathleen 07/18/07 09:04 am I have also been watching the angle of their wings as they flap, and believe they are experimenting with what takes them sideways, forwards, back or stopping as well as upwards.

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