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Thread subject: Chick ID and Sex
Name Date Message
pccompton 07/17/07 04:12 pm I snapped a couple of pictures from this morning, and like everyone else, I am having a hard time telling these two apart. In my ID, it appears that Uno is on the left and Dos is on the right. I think Dos is female and Uno is male. Any thoughts?

Look at first 2 pics
martyc35 07/17/07 04:44 pm Good captures. Any guesses at gender are premature:-). I'd like Tiger to do a foot inspection, which may help to pin these guys down. One seems to have Dennis's feet.
Melanie 07/17/07 04:56 pm Complete and total conjecture to be sure, but I admit to succumbing to the game as well. Here's how I have reached my speculation: The older chick would have a somewhat narrower zone of white edging; however, the younger chick has a somewhat thicker zone of white appears to be a bit bigger, which would be consistent with a female.

Of course, I just had laser surgery on one of my eyes, so right now I'm lucky I'm not seeing these guys in gloriuos psychadelic technicolor. Therefore Matt, it's all up to you to run up the pole tonight and put a pink bow on the right one ;-p
Pamela 07/17/07 05:18 pm Are you sure that Dos is on the right? Dos has a lighter head and finer lines by the eyes, also the hula gal on the back. Another thing is the V on the front of it's head when facing the cam.

Uno has broader lines by the eyes, a darker head (sides) and what looks like an anchor to me, or a tree on the back of it's head.

As far as the sex of each. . .who's to tell?
Uno: bossy male ?????
Dos: housekeeper and peacemaker
Anne UK1 07/17/07 06:17 pm I'd agree with you Pamela - Uno on the right, Dos on the left (as we look at the nest). I reckon they're both females but only because they seem like nice polite girls rather than rough neck boys. On the other hand, they're so laid back maybe they're males .... Only thing I know for sure is that we'll never know so who's going to tell me I'm wrong ;)
Celeste 07/17/07 06:24 pm Yes definitely, Uno on the right and Dos on the left. I still go by the hula dancer which is sharper to me on Dos, and thicker (someone once said drawn with a crayon), on Uno. These too are very simpatico to be sure. In the morning they glance at each other, rest against each other and do a lot of the same postures at the same time. It's nice to see for a change such a sweet nest. We've been so fortunate this year, things could have been so much different with all the drama from the first week this cam was on up until a few weeks ago when we thought Betty was hurt badly. For me it's a refreshing change to watch without any of the "drama":-)
Mickey 07/17/07 06:30 pm ok Paula says Uno is on the left and Dos on the right.
now Celeste says Uno is on the right and Dos on the left.
and Celeste agrees with Paula.
So I think your all guessing :p
Tiger 07/17/07 06:55 pm Marty I think it is Uno that has the Dennis type feet. Mind you they are less splayed than in Dennis's case.

So Uno is on the right and Dos on the left.
Shelley 07/17/07 06:58 pm Paula, how come your 1st two pics are labelled *unregistered screen virtuoso* but in the third one, no such label?

Did the chick's wing knock your virtuoso standing right off the sceen?


And for the record, I have no clue who's who! It's like the old *Who's on first* joke....!
cathleen 07/17/07 07:41 pm I can't tell for sure who is who in those two shots - I need to see them move around and see the backs/tops of the heads.

My intuitive (irrational) feeling is that Dos is a female.
Trishrg 07/17/07 08:18 pm Okay, I just HAVE to go here.
If Dos is female, and females have XX chromosomes, doesn't that make her a Dos Equis? No lime or salt though.
Sometimes I just crack myself up, and that's all that matters.
Melanie 07/17/07 09:58 pm I don't know - sounds like there was a worm or two involved there ;-p
lynn 07/17/07 10:27 pm Have to say my feeling is that Dos is the female also. The only time I can tell them apart is when they're facing away from the cam, and you can see the thin and thick hula markings.

martyc35 07/17/07 10:44 pm Thanks, Tiger. I agree. Uno right, Dos left. And for you, Trish, hic on the left for the Dos Equis.
Madeline 07/18/07 12:14 am To be truthful, I can't tell the difference between the 2 of them this year, so I'm going along with Shelley and saying " Who's on First, What's on Second" and I Don't Know who's male or female;-)
Marie 07/18/07 01:17 am I believe these two are two of a kind, probably females. However I can see a difference in size but that maybe due to age difference..........they are much too laid back to be of different genders, in my opinion, I have seen little aggression in this nest. Their behaviours together are most interesting to watch.
Like Celeste suggested, it is so nice to just enjoy the nest activities instead of fingernail biting, while watching the bullying that can be seen in other nests among the chicks.
We can only surmise as to what gender these young ospreys are.
Pam 07/18/07 05:19 am I go with Marie on this one. I think they are both female. They seem to show tolerance, caring, togetherness, patience, commonsense and also a tendency towards nest tidying, all female characteristics.
Anne UK1 07/18/07 09:30 am Uno's pretty good at that fish call too ;)
pccompton 07/19/07 05:22 pm Geesh you guys are right. I had it mixed up when I posted. Uno is on the right and Dos on the left. Uno is bigger than Dos.
pccompton 07/19/07 05:24 pm I like the Dos Equis!!

And the virtuoso label comes from the video I was taking.....which I haven't gotten around to processing....

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