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Thread subject: Fish bring in by Dennis 8:30am or so.. Video.
Name Date Message
Sir Lance 07/20/07 03:49 pm This is a video from 8:30am.(+ or -10 minutes) It is when one chick was on the nest, then mom came in and the chick goes after her aggressively, but she ignores it. Dennis brings in fish and baby attacks him, but it doesn̢۪t work out for it. Betty takes control and calls in the other baby. It comes and the 3 of them devour the fish. I have looked over and over the footage and did not find any time where Betty was aggressive toward any of the chicks.. I think it is just a hunger thing like others have said. I do not believe there has been any intruder, just hunger and confusion from the storm. Just look at them now laying together again as they did before the storm..

The cam was breaking up into pixels at some points, and youtube makes it worse but you can tell what̢۪s going on..

Eric did you get my post below about camstudio?
Anne UK1 07/20/07 04:08 pm Well done Sir Lance. I hoped you'd be capturing this one for us. I loved Betty's attitude - she looked disapprovingly at Uno, held on tight to that fish, then ignored him completely and instead gave all her attention to the other youngster, calling it to the nest and then giving it first go at the fish. Just brilliant I thought. An experienced mum if ever I saw one :)
Cecilia 07/20/07 05:00 pm Thanks Sir L. Reminds me of a few scenes (that are in the Archives) of Dennis landing with a fish and Betty and the chicks all getting into a circle and fighting over the darn thing....wings flying every which way, all of them screeching. I think we even called it a Fish Dance or something like that. And I remember how shocked some of us were the first time one of the chicks grabbed the whole piece and flew away...much to the absolute horror of the chick who hadn't fledged yet. Your video shows two chicks acting very appropriately for their ages :-)
lynn 07/20/07 06:50 pm Thanks Sir Lance, went over to u tube and viewed the video. I didn't realize just how many times, and how vociferously Uno was in his attempted to repel Dos. He certainly seems to be showing some strong aggression.

Still don't know why I can't get the video to come up when I cut and paste. Anyone have any suggestions. I usually don't have a problem when I try to cut and paste, so I'm stumped.


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