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Thread subject: Betty no longer boss?
Name Date Message
Pam 07/20/07 06:06 pm Unfortunately the video has just gone down but not before I witnessed the aggressive chick even having a go at its mother when a small Koi was brought in by Dennis. There was a tug of war which Betty initially won but before she could eat anything the aggressor took the fish and is now is the process of eating it while Betty and chick 2 wait submissively in line. Either Betty is a very indulgent Mum or she is no longer boss in the nest and I think it is the latter.
Anne UK1 07/20/07 06:09 pm I think Betty is putting up a fight, but perhaps not a whole-hearted one? Someone asked earlier if she shows favouritism and I've always felt she feeds Dos ahead of Uno. I'm assuming Uno won this fish and Betty was trying to get it to feed Dos. But she could have won if she'd really wanted to couldn't she? She must be stronger than her chick - or not? Maybe I'm underestimating their strength, just assuming they won't have the muscles that the adults have. Perhaps she's teaching them they'll have to fight for what they want, but not making them fight too hard.
Don't know is the answer. Sorry - it only took me a hundred words to say it ;)
Mickey 07/20/07 07:41 pm At this age these juvies can cause damage to a adult or another juvie. She has to know this. Thats why she gives them a wide berth.
But what do I know !
Pam 07/21/07 07:54 am Teenagers being a pain in the butt again?
JudyB 07/21/07 11:49 am I have the impression eagle parents try to grab food from near-fledglings and fledglings, forcing the youngsters to grab it back if they want it. If the chicks involved include a female, it's most likely the mother that does this - a female fledgling is enough bigger than a male adult that it could cause serious damage - a fact that the male adult instinctively seems to know. :~)
Anne UK1 07/21/07 12:56 pm So on that theory Judy, would you think maybe Dos is female and Uno is male? Uno seems to have the upper hand when he's resident in the nest and Dos is trying to land, but I feel Dos is in charge when they're both on equal territory. Early days though and looking at the two of them side by side now Uno looks bigger than Dos so maybe I'm well off course with this one! I'll watch their struggles with a different eye now you've posted that tit bit.

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