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Thread subject: Another wildlife rescue story, thankfully, with a happy ending
Name Date Message
Shelley 08/22/07 11:11 am Survival of a doomed Loon. This link was sent to me by my friend who lives in Prince Edward County, about 2 hours east of Toronto. I actually witnessed loons on her lake (not the one in the story, though) when I visited earlier this summer.

MargaretP 08/23/07 07:33 am Shelley, that was a content ending for the loon and I have seen this misuse of fishing lines before. My boyfriend and I go fishing a lot and we always pull extra line, hooks, bobbers and other things we see floating in the waters or if we happen to get hooked on something we pull it out and take the trash with us when we leave. Once fishing we saw a seagull with a hook in its side it was flying around wanting some of my dinner and my boyfriend tried to see if he could get close enough to the bird to help remove the hook, but he could not. After leaving all I kept thinking was that poor bird. Also I lived in Portland, Maine for over 30 years and have seen so many ducks get caught up in the 6-pack soda rings it is a atrocious sight. I try not buying soda packed that way and if I do I always cut each ring up. Now that it is routine, and I might be at a friends and see them through one out I will take it and cut it up first. Thank you for posting this story. I feel everyone should practice the bird ethics.
1. Leave nests alone and donât get closeâyou
could cause the parent to abandon the nest or
lead predators to the eggs or young.
2. Show respect for landowners and lands.
Respect the rights of others observing nature.
3. In nature, you are the guest. Be quiet and
orderly. Move slowly.
4. Donât âchaseâ birds. Observe birds from a
distance using your binoculars to bring them
5. Leave no litter. Some litter, especially fishing
line, plastic soda can and bottle rings, bubble
gum, and cigarette butts, can be harmful to
Shelley 08/23/07 11:46 am Thanks for your observations and response, Margaret and welcome to this board. I don't know if you are new or have just been a quiet lurker for awhile but it is always nice to have new voices here.

Yes, we have all had these discussions before and unfortunately, it is like preaching to the converted, for those of us here, lol. The ones who really need to hear and *get* this message are not people who would usually be visiting a site such as this. However, it never hurts to repeat it, does it.

Pam 08/23/07 12:21 pm I like happy endings. Thanks Shelley.
Celeste 08/23/07 04:06 pm For a change a nice ending. Thanks Shelley, and also welcome Margaret!
Tiger 08/23/07 06:01 pm Welcome to the board Margaret.

BTW were there any loon stories this year?
lynn 08/23/07 10:11 pm Hi Shelley, I got to the Nature Stuff site, but couldn't find the Loon story. Nice site though. Any help you can offer for me to find it? Talk later.

Welcome to the board Margaret. Nice to hear about others that care for and watch out for our feathered friends. On your thoughts on the rings from soda cans, wish everyone thought to do that. On a rather humorous note - at a party recently, I watched my daughter take and cut up every ring section from the soda. When I asked her about it she replied, "with you as my mother I wouldn't think not to cut up the rings". Guess kids do watch and listen as they are growing up! LOL BTW, my daughter is a married adult now!
Madeline 08/24/07 02:17 am Lynn, make sure that you copy and paste the whole address, and it will take you right to the article. Good luck ;-)
lynn 08/24/07 11:26 pm Thanks for the try Madeline. I tried the whole address then various parts of it. I just got either Prince Edward Island, or Nature Stuff sites.


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